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Board of Origin: OoH, IZC, HTLOZ Gen 1

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Tempest led the Generation One HTLOZ members out of the war torn forums of Khakain vs. HTLOZ and into the safety of Fallout Shelter on ezBoard, like Moses but with less Judaism. He was also an administrator at HTWOZ and co-creator of Elanthia with Brian. He is currently administrator/sugar daddy of HTLOZ II. He currently rides around the internet with Captain Cornflake on giant nigrasauruses fighting faggotry and being Internet Superheros. He had to spellcheck the article people wrote about him because they couldn't spell "Administrator".

Also, is training to be Batman.

Tempest would also like to remind you that your user page isn't your god damn MySpace page you Wikipedos.