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Nayru Oracle.png
Title(s) Oracle of Ages
Race Oracle
Gender Female[1]
Era Force Era
Era of Light and Dark
Theme Music
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Nayru, the Oracle of Ages,[2] is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.


Oracle of Ages


Nayru first appears in the game, Oracle of Ages, which is, of course, named after her title. She is a singer with one of the finest voices ever heard in Labrynna.[3] However, her true identity as the Oracle of Ages is exposed when Veran possesses her,[4][5] in order to take control of Nayru's ability to control the flow of time.[6]

Nayru is a very peaceful person. She enjoys singing, and it is this that has made her popular throughout the land, among Humans and Animals alike. She attracts both when she sings. Her personality is somewhat timid, but judging from her actions, she'll do whatever she can to help a friend in need, or Link. Ralph, her protector whom she has known since they were both children, is a close friend of hers, and never far away.[7]

Nayru OOX.png

Nayru also possesses a mystical instrument known as the Harp of Ages, which allows Link (and presumably whoever holds it) to shift through the folds of time, when the right songs are played.[8] However, Nayru will also use the Harp for simply playing a tune on occasion. As the Oracle of Ages, Nayru has no true need for the Harp of Ages, as she is capable of moving through time at a whim. It is quite likely that Nayru herself created the Harp of Ages.

Possessed Nayru

See also: Possessed Nayru
Possessed Nayru

Possessed Nayru is a name given to Nayru while she is possessed by Veran. She was initially possessed in the opening scenes of the game, where the handful of witnesses included Impa, Ralph and Link.[5] Everyone else, aside from the nearly-omniscient Maku Tree, is unaware of the possession, and still believe she is the pure Oracle of Ages. With Nayru serving as her cloak, Veran begins to malevolently advise Queen Ambi's decisions in the past,[9] which affect both the past age's citizens, and the present age in which Link initially resides.

One notable influence Veran gave was to seal off Ambi's Palace from casual visitors, barring both Link and Ralph from attacking Veran directly. Another was to discreetly confiscate all Mystery Seeds, the only known way to harm a possessing Veran without also hurting the possessed. Early in the game, Link unknowingly offered his seeds to the Queen and her adviser in order to temporarily enter the Palace and meet Veran face-to-face.[10] He was still able to gain more Mystery Seeds later in the game, however.

After obtaining the Lonely Peak, Queen Ambi leaves her Palace, dropping the guard enough for Link to penetrate the castle's defenses and reach Possessed Nayru.[11] Once Link is victorious in the ensuing battle, Nayru will be freed from Veran's grasp,[12] and teach Link the Tune of Ages.[13] Veran herself will instead possess Queen Ambi,[14] a possession that will remain until the significantly tougher final boss fight in Black Tower.

The Minish Cap


Nayru also appears in The Minish Cap, where it is mentioned that she descends from a long line of oracles in Labrynna. She is one of the three ladies in the Happy Hearth Inn (along with Din and Farore). In exchange for help finding a house, she will be able to give Link a Charm.[15] Nayru's charm boosts defense and turns Link's tunic blue for the short duration of the effect.[16]

Nayru (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
Nayru Figurine.gif
She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She is descended from a line of oracles in the land of Labrynna.


  • Early concept art for Nayru depicts her holding a paintbrush and palette,[17] indicating that she was originally planned to be an artist. This is in keeping with the knowledge that Mystical Seed of Wisdom was going to feature color themed gameplay mechanics.[18]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ネール (Nēru) Nayru
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Nayru, Oráculo de los Tiempos (OoA)
French Republic FrenchEU Nayru (Oracle)
Federal Republic of Germany German Nayru, Orakel der Zeiten Nayru, Oracle of Ages
Italian Republic Italian Nayru, Oracolo del Tempo Nayru, Oracle of Time



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