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Malon artwork from Oracle of Seasons
Race Hylian
Human (OoS, FSA)
Gender Female[1]
Other Media Ocarina of Time manga
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Triforce piece.png
Era Force Era
Era of the Hero of Time
Era of Light and Dark
Era of Shadow
Family Talon (father)
Voice Actor(s) Jun Mizusawa (OoT)
Counterpart(s) Marin (LA)
Romani (Young) (MM)
Cremia (Adult) (MM)

Malon is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. In the majority of games she has appeared in, she is the daughter of the rancher Talon, who owns Lon Lon Ranch.[2][3] Portrayed as a kind-hearted and responsible girl, Malon is often seen taking care of Epona, one of the ranch's horses. She also enjoys singing, specifically "Epona's Song."


Ocarina of Time


In Ocarina of Time, Malon is a young girl who loves to sing outside the Hyrule Castle's walls at night. She, along with Ingo, takes care of most of the duties at Lon Lon Ranch due to her father's laziness. Link first meets Malon, who calls him "Fairy Boy," in the Hyrule Castle Market where she was looking for her father.[4] After Link finds Talon asleep and wakes him up using the Cucco that hatched from the Weird Egg Malon gave him,[5] Malon returns to Lon Lon Ranch with her father. When Link goes visit her at the ranch, she introduces him to a young horse named Epona,[6] and teaches the young hero "Epona's Song," a song Malon's mother had composed.[7]

Seven years later, when Link returns to the ranch, he finds out that Ingo had exiled Talon and taken over the ranch. Malon was working for him out of fear of how the animals would be treated if she disobeys his orders.[8] Moreover, since Ingo was planning to give Epona as a present to Ganondorf, Malon was the only one who could tame her.[9] Malon tells Link that she had recognized him but was not sure until he told her his name.[10]

As a minigame, Malon lets him race around the ranch to compete against her best time.[11] When he is able to beat her time, she rewards him by sending a Cow to his house in Kokiri Forest, which may be used as a free source of Milk. Should Link best his own time afterwards, Malon will simply compliment his and Epona's teamwork.[12]

With the Mask of Truth, Link can learn from the Gossip Stones that Malon dreams for a knight to take her away.[1] A Gossip Stone in front of the Temple of Time also says that Malon was the original record holder of the Lon Lon Ranch obstacle course, her record being 50 seconds.[13]

Ocarina of Time is the only game in which Malon's mother is mentioned. She is most likely dead by the time of the events of Ocarina of Time, but it is clear she had a great influence on Malon and the others on the ranch. She was the one who composed "Epona's Song," which is said to be liked by everyone on the farm.[7][14] Talking to Talon while wearing the Gerudo Mask or the Goron Mask causes him to say that it reminds him of his wife, but he quickly retracts that statement.[15]

Oracle of Seasons

Malon OoS.png

In Oracle of Seasons, Malon plays a small role in the game's trading sequence. She lives with her father Talon north of Horon Village, where the two raise Cuccos. When Link first meets her, Talon has gone to climb Mt. Cucco and has left Malon to raise the Cuccos by herself; however, she confesses to the young hero that she does not know much about the hens.[16] Link can help her by giving her the Cuccodex, an information database of Cuccos, in exchange for a Lon Lon Egg.[17]

Four Swords Adventures

Malon FSA.png

In Four Swords Adventures, Malon appears on The Field stage. Upon arriving, the Links encounter Malon standing by herself. She tells them that she was running errands, but just as she was about to head back to her home, it started raining; furthermore, the Soldiers were moving all the Cannons.[18] Helpless, Malon asks the four Links if she can accompany them until she gets back to Lon Lon Ranch with her father, Talon.[19] During their travel, Malon can be killed by the castle guards, as she has only one Heart Container. Once the Links return her safely to the ranch, she admits that at first she was not sure she could count on them, but soon realized her mistake and acknowledges the Links as real heroes.[20]

The Minish Cap

Malon TMC.png

In The Minish Cap, Malon and her father Talon are locked out of their house. Link can help them by shrinking and going into their house to find the Spare Key, which is inside a pot.[21] Later on, Malon can be be found in Hyrule Town selling Lon Lon Milk for 100 Rupees alongside Epona.[22] When Link speaks to Malon, she will briefly sing "Epona's Song."

Non-Canon Appearances

Non-Canon Information hide

Ocarina of Time Manga

In the Ocarina of Time manga, adult Malon becomes a prisoner of Ingo, who was brainwashed by Twinrova, to lure Link in order to defeat him.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, adult Malon appears as a Trophy.

Trophy Information

Image Description How to Unlock
SSB4 Malon Trophy.png Talon's daughter, Malon, works on their ranch and loves to sing to the animals. When Link proves worthy of Epona, she teaches him "Epona's Song." She is more serious than her father, but a certain source of gossip reveals that she dreams of a knight sweeping her off her feet. Random


In an Ocarina of Time developer's interview posted on Shigesato Itoi's website,, script writer Toru Osawa said that Talon and Malon from Ocarina of Time are based on Tarin and Marin from Link's Awakening, and it is intended that players who have played the previous game will recognize the reference.[23]

In the same interview, Shigeru Miyamoto said that Malon being a songstress is inspired by his love of country music, including people like Emmylou Harris.[24]


  • The symbols on the bottom of her dress spell Lon in Hylian.
  • Both Malon and Talon wear Bowser brooches.
  • According to Hyrule Historia, Tarin and Marin may be the product of Link's memories of Malon and Talon.[25]
  • Malon shares similarities with Ilia, who is also the caretaker of Epona in Twilight Princess. They also both live near or on a farm with their father.
  • Malo's name from Twilight Princess might be a reference to Malon. His brother Talo may be a reference to Talon.


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