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Race Hylian
Gender Female[1]
Era Sky Era

Karane is a senior student at the Knight Academy in Skyloft. She is a red-headed youth that sports a light green tunic and round flat hat. She spends most of her time near the classroom in the day, and can be found in her room on the upper floor at night. Although she wants to take baths in the evening, someone is always in there.[2] She is somewhat conservative,[3] but is very popular among her male peers.


Karane has a keen interest in Pipit and sometimes wonders how she can capture his attention.[4] She will often ask Link for his opinion on Pipit.[5] If Link tells her that he is nice, she will begin listing his good points,[6] but if she is questioned, she will become flustered.[7] When Link does something, like learn the Spiral Charge or obtain his tunic, she compliments him, then goes on to say that Pipit can do better.[8][9]

If Link delivers a love letter from Cawlin, she will initially think it is from Pipit.[10] She comments on the bad handwriting and discovers that Cawlin sent it.[11] Although she appreciates the effort that went into the letter, she laughs at the thought of entering a relationship with the boy and wonders what Pipit would think of the situation.[12][13][14]

If Link talks to Pipit about this, he also becomes flustered, and mentions that he should make sure she experiences "true, passionate love".

When Link returns to Karane, she will be confronted by Cawlin. She compliments him on his letter and thanks him.[15] He asks her if she would go out with him, and just as she is about to reply, Pipit runs in, shouting that she should go out with him instead.[16] She hesitantly accepts his offer in an effort to prevent breaking Cawlin's heart.[17]

After that, they will begin dating. Pipit thanks Link for helping him find true love and gives him five Gratitude Crystals. Karane will admire Pipit even more,[18] and thanks Link for his role, but she still feels sorry for how things turned out for Cawlin.[19] Afterwards, by sitting a bench seat in the front row of the classroom, Link can listen to Karane and Pipit discussing their relationship as well as how Karane wants to visit Pipit's mother,[20] much to Pipit's dismay.[21]


  • Her name is derived from crane, a bird known for its beauty in many cultures.
  • If Link speaks to Karane after seeing Fi for the first time, she will react as if Link claims to have seen a ghost, much to Karane's disbelief.[22]
  • Link can also give Cawlin's letter to the lady in the restroom, presumably to be used as toilet paper.
  • There is a drawing on the classroom chalkboard of an "Ai Ai Gasa" or "Love Love Umbrella".[23] If Link approaches the umbrella drawing, text will appear saying "Karane + Caw...". This is meant to read Karane + Cawlin, and was probably written by Cawlin as Karane is interested in Pipit.[24]
  • In Karane's bedroom on her desk is a drawing of Pipit's face in one of her books next to a heart symbol on the same page. Nearby, there is also an envelope with a heart symbol on it, possibly an unsent love letter to Pipit she wrote.[25]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
link= EnglishUK Karane
link= Japanese クラネ (Kurane)
link= SpanishEU Gracielle
link= SpanishLA Grusi
French-speaking countries French Grida
link= Italian Grudia



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