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ALBW Gulley.png
Official artwork of Gulley
Title(s) Sage
Race Hylian
Gender Male[1]
Era Era of Light and Dark
Family Blacksmith (father)
Blacksmith's Wife (mother)
Counterpart(s) Flute Boy (ALttP)

Gulley is a character in A Link Between Worlds. He is the son of the Blacksmith, and one of the Seven Sages.


Gulley and Link know each other well prior to events of A Link Between Worlds. Gulley visits Link frequently to wake him up in the morning,[2] because Link is often late for work.[3]

Gulley is trapped inside a painting by Yuga shortly after Link battles Yuga in the Eastern Palace. Link meets the Blacksmith's Wife, Gulley's mother, south of Kakariko Village as she is looking for Gulley.[1] Instead of finding Gulley, Link and the Blacksmith's Wife find a Pouch that Gulley had intended to give to Link as a gift.

After Yuga obtains the Triforce of Power, Gulley's painting is hidden inside the Dark Palace. Link rescues Gulley after defeating Gemesaur King. Gulley is very young; he is aware of his powers as a sage, but does not fully understand what it means to be one of the seven sages (he refers to the group of sages repeatedly as "Sevensages").[4]

Gulley remains in the Chamber of Sages until the Triforce is returned to Hyrule. He then returns home.


Gulley's Japanese name, グリ (Guri), possibly derives from a transliteration of "green," which would be written as グリーン (Gurīn).

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
link= Japanese グリ (Guri)
link= SpanishEU Guri
link= SpanishLA Guri
link= FrenchEU Guly
link= FrenchCA Goulli
link= German Gri
link= Italian Grì
link= Korean 구리 (Guri)



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