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For the enemies known as "Guardians" in Skyward Sword, see Guardian (Skyward Sword).
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Ancient Screw
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Guardians are enemies in Breath of the Wild.

Characteristics and Weaknesses

Guardians are ancient machines with a cephalopodic design based on Octoroks.[1] They are powerful enemies, with high health and a laser beam attack that deals six Hearts of damage. If a target is too close to them, they will attempt to distance themselves in order to fire their lasers. When defeated, they may drop any combination of Ancient Gears, Ancient Screws, Ancient Shafts and Ancient Springs. Smaller variants of Guardians can be found within Shrines of Trials, while deactivated Guardians can be found in various locations around Hyrule.

A crippled Guardian appears in the Eastern Abbey, though it remains dormant until Link approaches. Due to its damaged condition, it is unable to mobilize itself and instead rotates its head section and search for targets to lock on to before firing a laser from its eye.


  • Guardians originally emitted a blue light instead of a pink one.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Guardian
Japan Japanese ガーディアン (Gādian)
Russian Federation Russian Страж (Strazh)


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  1. "In creating a huge world, I went back to the first Zelda title. And I wanted to see an enemy like Octorok. Octorok to me when I was playing felt really large. That’s why the first enemy I created for the game was the Guardian. But then just creating a large octopus is kind of gross, so we decided to take the more sci-fi, technology route, and that’s where the visual for the Guardian comes from. And that decision leads into the storyline, and influenced many other elements we added to the game." — Matt Peckham, Why Nintendo Had to Destroy Tradition to Create the New 'Zelda', Time, published June 15, 2016.