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Gigabari ALBW.png
Game(s)A Link Between Worlds
Dungeon(s)Swamp Palace
Lorule Castle

Gigabari is a mini-boss appearing in A Link Between Worlds.

Characteristics and Weaknesses

A Gigabari can be found in both the Swamp Palace and Lorule Castle. It is essentially a giant Bari that when enough damage is done, it will split apart into 15 Biris.

The strategy of defeating them is similar to a Bari, although the boss takes more damage before splitting. When Link strikes it with his Sword, he will fly backwards like a Hardhat Beetle. When defeating the Biris, its best to use a ranged weapon like the Bow, Hookshot, or the Great Spin.

In Lorule Castle, a purple variety exist which behave the same.


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