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Gerudo Guard.png
Gerudo guard artwork from Ocarina of Time
Game(s)Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Four Swords Adventures
Other mediaOcarina of Time manga
Majora's Mask manga
Four Swords manga
Habitat(s)Gerudo Valley
Gerudo's Fortress
Pirates' Fortress
Notable Member(s)Ganondorf

The Gerudo are a race of humans inhabiting Hyrule and Termina. They are warriors by reputation, feared and respected in the countries they inhabit.[according to whom?] Due to a biological quirk, the race consists almost solely of females. A single male Gerudo is born into the tribe every hundred years. He is destined by Gerudo law to become their king.[1] Ganondorf is the only Gerudo male to have appeared in The Legend of Zelda series.

The Gerudo as a race or tribe have so far been featured in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Four Swords Adventures. In other games, Ganondorf is the only confirmed Gerudo except for Twinrova, who also made an appearance in the Oracle series.



OoT Gerudo.png

The Gerudo as they have thus far appeared hold the following looks: round ears, a sharp bird-like nose,[2] brown skin, amber eyes and red hair. Which of these are actually unmistakable Gerudo traits is unknown due to their small established role throughout the series. A few characters have appeared in otherwise Gerudo-less games who at minimum seem to reference the race, but who lack various elements shown on established Gerudo. As such, any variations to their appearance can not be considered of value to pinpointing the Gerudo race.

Their skin color has been shown to come in two variants: a common light brown and an olive-greenish variation seen on Twinrova and Ganondorf, though their skin may be darker due to age. Recent games have made some adjustments to Ganondorf's look, changing his nose from "long" to "big" while his ears have become slightly pointy—far from Hylian-like, but still less round than what they have once been. Whether this has any significance for the Gerudo race as a whole is unknown.

A rather peculiar aspect of Gerudo physiology is that the race consists of almost solely women, with a male being born only once every hundred years.[1][3] The exact nature of this phenomenon is never explained. It is known however, that at least during the Ocarina of Time era the lack of males among the Gerudo is countered by them taking boyfriends from other human races.[4]

Some members of the race have been shown to possess magical skills. Given the focus the Gerudo put on physical training, this seems to be either a rare or otherwise unused ability. Furthermore, Gerudo might be able to reach a very high age, though the only suggestion to this was related to Twinrova, not exactly a most standard example of a Gerudo.[5]


The Gerudo have an Arabic theme to them and seem to be based on the Amazons, a "real world" tribe of warrior women. Being a warrior race, they have been shown to use weapons such as glaives, dual scimitar swords and bow and arrows.[6] In Ocarina of Time, they are capable equestrians,[7][8] while they prefer the use of boats in Majora's Mask due to their role as pirates.

Generally, they have been shown to be a somewhat reclusive race that does not take well to outsiders on their territory,[9] which in Hyrule constitutes the whole desert area. Though not without nobility, they've mostly been depicted as thieves to the other races. The Gerudo appreciate talent when they see it and do accept non-Gerudo among their ranks if they manage to prove themselves.[10]


Ocarina of Time

Ganondorf, the only known male Gerudo, and Nabooru, a typical Gerudo female.

In Ocarina of Time, the Gerudo live in the Gerudo Desert, specifically Gerudo Valley, which is located in the northwest of Hyrule.[11] The Gerudo pay a lot of attention to the security of their domain. In order to reach the valley, Link must first cross a bridge over a deep canyon and stream flowing to Lake Hylia. In the past, it is heavily guarded by several Gerudo and a gate. In the future seven years later, these defenses are gone; instead, the Gerudo have decided to simply destroy the bridge to prevent outsiders from reaching their domain.[12] Presumably they themselves use horses to cross the gap, like how Link can.

After the bridge comes Gerudo's Fortress, in which the Gerudo supposedly live. Guards patrol the area throughout the large stone structure, which contains several cells used for imprisoning anyone who attempts to enter Gerudo territory without permission. Gerudo Valley ends with a huge gate that the Gerudo use to make sure no one enters Gerudo Desert without their approval.[13] They had also created themselves two training courses, the Horseback Archery Range and the Gerudo's Training Ground. Despite this hostile outset, they do accept outsiders within their ranks, provided that they first prove themselves worthy.[10]

Ganondorf, being the lone male at that time, is their king and "god".[14] His second-in-command is Nabooru, who is highly respected by the other Gerudo,[15] but rebels against Ganondorf because she does not approve of his ways.[1] Nabooru herself also has an unnamed second-in-command, who keeps watch over Gerudo's Fortress while Ganondorf and Nabooru are gone.[10] It is said that Twinrova act as the tribes cover leaders. [16]

Link's first encounter with a member of the Gerudo tribe was when Princess Zelda asked him to look through one of the windows of Hyrule Castle. It was then he and Ganondorf saw each other for the first time[17] and Link's quest to stop Ganondorf began.[18] He meets the rest of the tribe later during his quest, at first during his younger years when the Gerudo's tight security at the bridge took away any chance of proceeding into their domain. Seven years later however, the broken bridge was an obstacle easily passed with Epona's aid (Or optionally, with the Hookshot). On the other side, he met the Carpenters' Boss, who informed Link that his workers had gone missing after they had left to join the ranks of the Gerudo. He requested that Link would look for them.[19] Accepting his request, Link headed into Gerudo Fortress. He managed to bypass the guards and find the first carpenter, now a prisoner in their fortress. Before he could set him free, a Gerudo guard, armed with dual scimitar swords, challenged Link to a battle.[20][21] Link managed to defeat her and went on saving the remaining three carpenters, battling another Gerudo guard each time. When he saved all carpenters, he was approached by Nabooru's Second-in-Command, who complimented him on his success and gave him the Gerudo Token, which allowed him to freely move within the Gerudo territory.[10]


From then on, Link didn't need to sneak through Gerudo Valley anymore[22] and could participate in the Gerudo training courses.[6][23][24] In addition, Link was also allowed entrance to the Gerudo Desert[25] and was finally able to reach the temple of the sixth Sage; the Spirit Temple, guarded by the Desert Colossus. There, he met Sheik again, who taught him the final song and gave him a hint on how to use it.[26] After going back to his younger years, Link used the song to warp past Gerudo defenses back to the Spirit Temple, where he met Nabooru, the leader of the Gerudo, who revealed that though Ganondorf was King of the Gerudo, she denied him for his cruelty and wanted to put an end to his evil.[1] Her plan was to infiltrate the Spirit Temple, which acted as a hideout for Ganondorf and his minions, and do whatever she could to sabotage their plans. Unfortunately, to do that she needed the treasure, the Silver Gauntlets, kept in a part of the temple that she was too big to reach. Impressed with Link's attitude, she opted to ask him to help her by getting the Silver Gauntlets for her.[27]

While Link managed to get the Silver Gauntlets, he was unable to ever hand them to Nabooru, as she was spotted by Koume and Kotake and taken away. Again, Link traveled through time and returned to the temple, as an adult with the Silver Gauntlets. Deep inside the temple, he encountered the two Gerudo witches who had abducted Nabooru seven years ago and an Iron Knuckle. Annoyed by his presence, they sent the Iron Knuckle after him, who Navi noted to be "not an ordinary enemy".[28] Upon defeating the Iron Knuckle, its difference was revealed: it was Nabooru, brainwashed into servitude of Ganondorf for the past seven years. Her regained freedom was cut short when Koume and Kotake decided to abduct her again, to which Link followed the two and battled. Though strong and utilizing their "Double Dynamite Attack", the Gerudo witches lost to Link. As such, the Sage of Spirit could awaken; Nabooru, who was more than thrilled about the possibility of revenge this position offered.[29]

After Ganondorf's defeat, some Gerudo could be seen celebrating with the rest of Hyrule at Lon Lon Ranch, whereas Nabooru was last spotted on Death Mountain with the other Sages.

Majora's Mask

A Gerudo pirate from Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, the Gerudo appear several times. Link first encounters Koume and Kotake in the Southern Swamp, where they respectively host the boat cruise and own a potions shop. Koume had wandered into the Woods of Mystery, but became injured and was left in the woods. Kotake had Link take a Red Potion to her so that she may recover and return.

A tribe of Gerudo also appear as pirates. They are referred to as the "Gerudo Pirates",[30] and live in the Great Bay, specifically Pirates' Cove, in a fortress called Pirates' Fortress, which they keep heavily guarded.[31][32] Their leader is named Aveil, and who seems to be the Terminan counterpart of Nabooru's Second-in-Command.


Compared to their Hyrulean counterparts, the Terminan Gerudo are much more cruel. Prior to Link's arrival in Termina, they stole Lulu's eggs.[33] When her friend Mikau came to get the eggs back, they beat him up such that he died of his injuries.[30] When Link found the dying Zora, Mikau begged Link to finish what he had started and return the eggs to the Marine Research Laboratory.[30] Link accepted and headed to the Pirates' Fortress. Using his newly acquired Zora Mask, he found an underwater entrance into the fortress and managed to bypass the first group of guards. Traveling through the sewer system, which was unguarded but filled with traps, he found his way deep into the fortress. After passing some more guards, Link managed to overhear a conversation between Aveil and one of her underlings. It was revealed that the Skull Kid had told them that the Zora eggs were a key element in obtaining a treasure that would be lying in the Great Bay Temple.[34] It was also revealed that they had lost three of the eggs when they were attacked by sea snakes.[35] By shooting a beehive hanging from the ceiling, Link scared Aveil and her underlings away and stole one Zora egg and the Hookshot from them (which they had stolen from the fisherman near the entrance of Great Bay earlier).[36] Making use of his new tool, Link explored the rest of the fortress in search for the remaining three eggs. In doing so, he came face to face with three guards,[37] each of which guarded another Zora egg.

Link was later informed that the Gerudo were looking for a Zora in green clothing.[38] During the end of the game, they were also seen heading somewhere (possibly the sea snakes' lair) on a boat, only to be heading the other way immediately thereafter.

Four Swords Adventures

Gerudo village
The Gerudo from Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, a tribe of Gerudo live in a desert village within the Desert of Doubt in the southwest corner of Hyrule. Unlike previous appearances, they are not hostile to outsiders,[39] and have a good reputation in Hyrule.[40] They do not live in a fortress, but rather in tents.

Ganondorf assumes the role of king of the Gerudo once more.[3] While he is referred to by the Gerudo, he is not seen in his Gerudo form within the game.

When Link entered the Gerudo village, he was initially denied access to the desert. Ganondorf had entered the desert prior to earlier events in search of the fabled pyramid, which is a violation of the laws of the Gerudo.[41][42] This pyramid, which was located in the desert, was sacred to the Gerudo and rumored to contain enormous power. The Gerudo were aware of Ganondorf's lust for power and realized what his intentions are.[3] However, they assumed that he would not make it that far and eventually perish in the desert. Because of Ganondorf's actions, they had blocked the road to the desert. Upon learning of Link's quest, they reopened the gate so that he could pass.[43]


Theory Warning hide

Possible Gerudo

The Gerudo have made no confirmed appearances in the Zelda Timeline before Ocarina of Time, so it is unknown when and how the Gerudo race was first established. However, Groose, a Hylian from Skyloft in Skyward Sword, has both the red hair and amber eyes characteristic of the Gerudo but rare among Hylians, indicating that he might be related to the Gerudo people. He may be an ancestor of future members of a Gerudo race that had not yet been established. Another possibility is, if like the Sheikah people the Gerudo people existed before the creation of Skyloft, Groose may be one of their descendants. Also, Groose carefully maintains a flamboyant hairstyle (his pompadour), and all established Gerudo characters also have varying flamboyant hairstyles. Groose is commonly theorized to at least evoke the Gerudo, whether or not he is actually related to them. The word Gerudo already existed when the events of Skyward Sword took place though, as the Gerudo Dragonfly is named after it.

In Twilight Princess, the Hylian barmaid Telma from Hyrule Castle Town is theorized to be of Gerudo descent for multiple reasons. Besides being a woman with red hair and bronzed skin, she also ties her hair in a distinctive style similar to that commonly seen in Gerudo women. Further, the symbol on her apron is similar to the Gerudo Symbol. Aside from some of Ganon's non-Gerudo minions (such as Zant), only Gerudo women have adorned this symbol or variations of it. Telma's green eyes may reflect a mixed Hylian-Gerudo ancestry, where the traits of common blue Hylian eyes and amber Gerudo eyes have blended together.

The pirate Jolene from Phantom Hourglass evokes the Gerudo in her dress and fighting style, but lacks many of the physical characteristics of the tribe. It is likely she is either a distant descendant, or possibly only familiar with their historic culture. This link would be shared with her sister, Joanne, and the later character Joynas.

In Oracle of Seasons, the oracle Din resembles typical Gerudo women, and may be a Gerudo herself. This may be a reference to the fact that the Gerudo king Ganondorf bears the Triforce of Power, which embodies the essence of the goddess Din.

Relation to Iron Knuckles

In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, if the camera is positioned correctly, a Gerudo can be seen inside all Iron Knuckles. These Gerudo look similar to Nabooru, and as a result, some believe that the Iron Knuckles are in fact Gerudo women in servitude to Ganon. However, the similarity to Nabooru and the fact that these Gerudo are never shown and can only be seen with camera manipulation indicates that they are probably a development leftover, likely related to the cutscene where Nabooru is released. The fact that they do not appear in the Iron Knuckle model in the 3DS remakes further indicates that it is a leftover not intended to be seen. However despite the fact that the head has been removed its notable that the torso present when the Iron Knuckles armor is knocked off is still a Gerudo torso, as evidenced by the visible skin and its color and the Gerudo chest wrap and gem. This seems to be deliberately done as the head was removed from the model.


The names of the Gerudo and Gerudo Desert were likely chosen based on the enemies introduced in The Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past, the sand-dwilling Geldarm (ゲルドアーム, Gerudoāmu) and Geldman (ゲルドマン, Gerudoman). Within the Zelda universe, the name-connection actually begins in Skyward Sword, with the Gerudo Dragonflies living in Lanayru Desert. One page of the Hyrule Historia, showing the Gerudo Alphabet, implies that Nintendo originally intended for the Gerudo to be translated as Geldo.[44]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
link= Japanese ゲルド (Gerudo)
海賊 (Kaizoku)
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Pirata Gerudo Gerudo Pirates
French-speaking countries French Les Gerudos The Gerudos
link= German Die Gerudos
The Gerudos
Gerudo Pirates
link= Italian Gerudo
link= ChineseTR 格魯德族 (Gélǔdé Zú) Cerudo Clan
link= ChineseSI 格鲁德族 (Gélǔdé Zú) Gerudo Clan


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