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Fortune Teller artwork from A Link to the Past

Fortune Tellers are recurent charactes in The Legend of Zelda series. The only similar trait among most of them is the requirement of paying Rupees for a cryptic fortune. The fortunes are intended to function as an aid on Link's current quest.


A Link to the Past


Three Fortune Telling shops can be found around Hyrule, in both the Light World and the Dark World. One north of Kakariko Village, another beside the Lake Hylia Shop Cave, and a third north of the Village of Outcasts. By paying between 10 and 30 Rupees, the Fortune Teller gives Link advice on how to proceed in his adventure. Also, Link's hearts are fully refilled.

Four Swords Adventures

Main article: Mage

A Mage in Kakariko Village charges Link 100 Force Gems for a fortune. The outcomes of the fortune include losing 300 Force Gems, or winning one, 200, or 300 Force Gems. The number of hearts displayed during the Fortune Teller's prediction determines Link's prize.

Twilight Princess

Madame Fanadi.png
Main article: Madame Fanadi

Located in Fanadi's Palace at South Hyrule Castle Town, Madame Fanadi offers two type of fortunes. The "Career Fortune" gives Link advice on how to proceed in his adventure. The "Love Fortune" reveals the location of Pieces of Heart.

Phantom Hourglass

Main article: Astrid

Located in the Isle of Ember, Astrid gives Link advice on how to proceed in his adventure. However, she does not require Rupees.

Spirit Tracks

The Wise One.png
Main article: Wise One

Located in Papuchia Village, the Wise One offers the location of Carben, the guardian Lokomo sage of the Ocean Realm. In order to answer her questions and thus get an answer out of her, the Nintendo DS microphone must be spoken into (or blown into).

Skyward Sword

Main article: Sparrot

Located in the Bazaar, Sparrot can give Link either advice on how to proceed in his adventure, or the location of Treasures in the overworld at the cost of 10 Rupees.

A Link Between Worlds


The Fortune Teller from Hyrule, located north of Kakariko Village, gives Link the Hint Glasses used to find the Hint Ghosts, serving as the game's hint system. Another Fortune Teller can be found north of Thieves' Town in Lorule.

Ambiguously Canon Appearances

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Ancient Stone Tablets

In Ancient Stone Tablets, the Fortune Teller is the one who finds the Hero of Light and sends him to Hyrule.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
link= SpanishEU Vidente (ALBW) Clairvoyant
link= SpanishLA Vidente (PH, ALBW)
Puesto del vídente (SS)
Clairvoyant stall
link= FrenchEU Diseur de bonne aventure (ALBW) Fortune teller
link= FrenchCA Voyante (PH)
Diseur de bonne aventure (SS, ALBW)
Fortune teller
link= German Wahrsager (ALttP, ALBW)
link= Italian Indovino (ALBW)