Cane of Byrna

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Not to be confused with the Cane of Pacci or the Cane of Somaria.
Cane of Byrna
Cane of Byrna.png
Game(s) A Link to the Past
Other media Soulcalibur II
Use(s) Increases Defense
Comparable Item(s) Magic Armor, Armor Seed, Enhanced Defense, Guardian Acorn, Charms, Nayru's Love, Blue Bracelet, Red Ring, Blue Ring, Armor Rings

The Cane of Byrna is an item that appears in A Link to the Past.

Location and Uses


The Cane of Byrna is found in a cave on Death Mountain, south of Ganon's Tower in the Dark World. Link must already possess the Magic Hammer and the Titan's Mitt to obtain this item. The Magic Cape is recommended as a lengthy floor of spikes must be traversed to get to the treasure chest. However, this may not be necessary if Link possesses enough Heart Containers to survive the spikes.

When used, the Cane of Byrna creates a force field around Link, making him invincible so that he takes no damage from attacks or spikes; however, it consumes magic power. The Cane of Byrna has essentially the same effect as the Magic Cape, but the difference is that the force field will damage enemies if they make contact with Link. It uses less magic power and the enemies can see him during its use. Throughout the game, there is no necessity for this item, and may be completed without it.

Non-canon Appearances

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Soulcalibur II

The Cane of Byrna is one of Link's weapons in Soulcalibur II. Paired off with the Hylian Shield, the Cane of Byrna can be bought in the Benetnasch Shop or Mizar Shop for 1600 Gold while playing the Weapon Master Mode. Although both Link's offense and defense will remain the same when he equips this weapon, a Soul Charge will boost the Cane of Byrna's offense up to 50% for a continuous effect and will also recover up to 32 HP each time. Moreover, it lowers the damage received by 25%, but this effect deteriorates over time.[1]

Image Cost Attributes In-game Description
Cane of Byrna SCII.png
1600 Gold
Soul Charge boosts offense up to 50%Triforce piece.png
Soul Charge lowers damage received by 25%Triforce piece.png
Soul Charge recovers up to 32 HP each time
An ancient magic staff that grants protection to heroes. It can be used even by those who are not sorcerers as long as their hearts are pure. It is said that praying to the staff with all one's heart will shroud the user in light and fill him with vitality. Because it is not a true weapon, it usually does not fare well when it clashes against an opponent's weapon.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
link= Japanese バイラの杖 (Baira no tsue) Cane of Byra
link= SpanishEU Vara de Byrna Rod of Byrna
link= FrenchEU Canne de Byrna Staff of Byrna
link= Italian Bastone di Byrna Staff of Byrna



  1. "Recovers health and increases defense with SC" — Weapon description (Soulcalibur II)