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Bug Net
Artwork of Bug Catching Net
The Bug-Catching Net from A Link to the Past
Game(s) A Link to the Past
Skyward Sword
A Link Between Worlds
Other media Soulcalibur II
Ancient Stone Tablets
Cost(s) Free
12,500 GoldTriforce piece.png
Use(s) Catching Bees and Fairies
Deflecting magic
Comparable Item(s) Empty Bottle
Rabbit Net

The Bug Net, also known as the Bug Catching Net in A Link to the Past, is a recurring item in the Zelda series.


A Link to the Past


In A Link to the Past, the Bug Catching Net is received early in the game from the Bug-Catching Kid in Kakariko Village, as long as Link has at least one Bottle when he talks to him. The young hero can use the Bug Catching Net to catch Bees and Fairies in Empty Bottles. Unlike other games in the series, in A Link to the Past, Link cannot swipe an Empty Bottle through the air to catch things, and as such, he must use the Bug Catching Net.

As a bizarre Easter Egg, the Bug Catching Net can also be used to reflect Agahnim's magic bolts back at him.

Skyward Sword

The Bug Catching Net in Skyward Sword

The Bug Net also appears in Skyward Sword, in which it is used to catch Bugs that can be used as ingredients to upgrade Potions. The net can be purchased from Beedle's Air Shop. It can also catch Fairies, Tumbleweeds, and Chirris. The Bug Net is controlled similarly to the sword by moving and aiming with the Wii MotionPlus.

During the final boss battle, the Bug Net can be used to temporarily distract Demise, much like the Fishing Rod can be used to distract Ganondorf in Twilight Princess.

The Bug Net can be upgraded at the Scrap Shop to the Big Bug Net, which, as its name suggests, is larger and can therefore catch targets more easily.

Name Image Uses Upgrade Cost Upgraded By
Big Bug Net Big Bug Net (Skyward Sword).png Increased size Tumbleweed (Skyward Sword).png 3 Tumbleweeds
Ancient Flower (Skyward Sword).png 2 Ancient Flowers
Evil Crystal (Skyward Sword).png 1 Evil Crystal
Rupee (Skyward Sword).png 100 Rupees

A Link Between Worlds


The Net also appears in A Link Between Worlds. It functions similarly to its A Link to the Past counterpart, in that it is used to catch items like an bottle is used to catch items in other games. It can be used to catch fairies, bees, golden bees, apples, green apples, and hearts, all of which can then be stored in a bottle if Link has one. Notably, the bug net can be used to deflect Yuga Ganon's magic back at him during the final battle, a nod to the hidden use of the net in A Link to the Past.

Initially, the Net can be obtained for free from the Bee Guy in Kakariko Village. Later, in Lorule, the Net can be upgraded to the Super Net through the Treacherous Tower. Specifically, Link must complete the advanced course there twice. After doing so, the Devilish Girl will offer him the blue-colored Super Net. The only effective difference is that it can now be used to damage enemies. Although more damaging than some of Link's items, the Super Net as a weapon is much slower and much less powerful than the fully upgraded Master Sword.

Non-canon Appearances

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Soulcalibur II

The Bug-Catching Net is Link's "joke weapon" in Soulcalibur II. Paired off with the Hylian Shield, the net can be bought in the Alioth Shop for 12,500 Gold while playing the Weapon Master Mode. When Link equips the Bug-Catching Net, his offense as well as his defense decreases 80%.

Image Cost Attributes In-game Description
Bug-Catching Net (SCII).png
12,500 Gold
Offense decreases 80%
Defenses decreases 80%
A long-handled net used for catching bugs. This item is an old companion of Link's and has appeared on many of his adventures--it accompanies him on this adventure as well. Obviously, it is not a weapon, but perhaps it will cause opponents to let down their guard.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Bug-Catching Net (ALttP)
Bug Net (SS)
Net (ALBW)
Big Bug Net Super Net
Spanish link= Cazamoriposas (SS)
Red (ALBW)
Cazamariposas grande Superred
French link= Filet à Papillons
link= Filet (SS, ALBW) Grand filet Super filet
German link= Kescher
Italian link= Retino per farfalle


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