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MM Black Boe.png
A pair of Black Boes
Habitat(s)Black Boe:
Woodfall Temple
Mountain Village
Oceanside Spider House
Beneath the Well
Stone Tower Temple

White Boe:
Mountain Village
Snowhead Temple
Effective Weapon(s)Any

The Boe is an enemy that appears in Majora's Mask.


Boes are shuffling, hazy balls that take two forms: the Black Boe, which thrives in the darkness and beneath shadow, and the White Boe, which flourishes in high-intensity light and under snow-like conditions. Both types are not very threatening when isolated, and can be dispelled easily with a single sword swipe. However, these floating fiends tend to cluster in groups, and in such situations, Link may have to switch fighting tactics to deal with them accordingly.


Black Boe

Black Boes are Boes that hide in darkness. They can be found in Woodfall Temple, the Mountain Village, the Oceanside Spider House, Beneath the Well, and in the Stone Tower Temple. They can occasionally blend in with their backgrounds, so long as the backgrounds are dark. They can also occasionally be found in Jars.

White Boe

MM White Boe.png

White Boes are the snow-dwelling counterpart of the Black Boe. They can be found around Snowhead, the Mountain Village and in the Snowhead Temple. Unlike the Black Boe, White Boes favor the brightness of the snow, rather than the darkness, and can potentially blend into their lighter surroundings. A White Boe can commonly be found in pine trees. They replace Blue Tektites as the common Snowhead enemy at night.

Before they reach the ground, White Boes resemble large snowflakes, appearing like a soft flurry.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Black Boe White Boe
Japanese link= クロボー (Kuro Bō) シロボー (Shiro Bō)
Spanish link= Boe negro (MM3D) Boe blanco (MM3D)
French link= Boe noir (MM3D) Boe blanc (MM3D)