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Zelda Wiki Wants YOU to Affiliate!

Zelda Wiki is now offering the traditional link exchange affiliation with sites! We intend to offer as much as possible to our viewer base, all while promoting this site as well. Our Community pages serve as another example of our dedication to providing our viewers with comprehensive information on Legend of Zelda fandom.


Banners posted here will be the typical 88 x 31 size to keep consistent with the most commonly used size. Zelda Wiki will also use an 88 x 31 pixel banner on the Affiliates sites.

  • ZWaffiliate-button.png

Mastermind Affiliates

These affiliates have taken extra steps to becoming involved with Zelda Wiki. Each of these sites have a dedicated member to assist us as needed, and do more than expected to promote this wiki on their forums/sites. This is what we use to fill the Bureaucrat positions, all sites are encouraged to try Becoming a Part of Zelda Wiki. Currently, Zelda Wiki acts as the Wiki of 6 websites, which are as follows in alphabetical order:

Interwiki Affiliates

These affiliates are linked to in Zelda Wiki articles, and they do the same to link back to this wiki.

  • NIWAButton.png Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA), the organizational hub for independent Nintendo wikis under coalition against institutionalized wiki corporations.
  • Wikindex.png Wiki Index is a statistical wiki compilation that uses several measurements and categories of wikis to assist viewers in finding wikis for their interests. Zelda Wiki's article can be found here!
  • ZP.png Zeldapendium is a German language Legend of Zelda wiki; this partnership provides links to comparable articles between one another.

Zelda-Related Sites and Forums

Any decent Zelda-related site affiliated with Zelda Wiki, often without the formal vetting process of becoming a Mastermind Site. This manner of affiliation would be a good stepping stone to becoming one in the future. This category also exists for multimedia Zelda sites, as well.

  • HeroOfTime.gif HeroOfTime.net, a new community site with thriving forums at its core
  • Izeldalogo.png iZelda.net, a highly attractive fansite sporting much in downloadable and streaming media
  • WiiZeldalogo.png WiiZelda.net, a young fansite chock-full with content, music downloads, and Zelda multimedia galore
  • Wzmr.jpg World Zelda Music Radio, the popular international Zelda radio, playing anything and everything Zelda 24 hours a day, including OST, ZREO, and fan remixes
  • ZeldaChaosbanner.png Zelda Chaos, the leading Zelda glitch wiki on the net
  • ZeldaChronicles.gif Zelda Chronicles, a fun fansite that focuses on fan creations and community activity at the core
  • ZFGClogo.png Zelda Fan Game Central, a fanon paradise of unlicensed and fan-made Zelda titles, many of which are downloadable
  • ZeldaGenerations.png Zelda Generations, an exotic Zelda simulation/forum mixture that allows users to participate in the site's quaint Zelda online MMORPG
  • Zelda Legends Banner.gif Zelda Legends, a large fansite known universally for their massive collection of text dumps
  • Zeldapartychannellinkback2.jpg Zelda Party Channel (site on hiatus), a unique fansite that specializes in Zelda-themed party ideas
  • ZeldaPower Banner.gif Zelda Power, a straightforward, content-packed fansite that keeps a close eye on the news
  • ZRbanner.png Zelda Realm, a fan-made site filled with Zelda-related articles, mainly focusing on theories
  • Zeldasource4.jpg Zelda-Source, a mighty, French-Canadian Zelda fansite with a standout, mature appearance
  • ZeldaWorldButton.png Zelda World, a fresh, new fansite that boasts the traditional gamut of content and multimedia, with fun, season-themed layouts

Other Sites

Any decent site with little to no Zelda relevance. Nintendo, then General Gaming sites of course will be given respective preference (or later, sections) in the list.

  • Donutplains.png Donut Plains.net, a fansite dedicated to the Mario series and other Nintendo related information
  • GalbadiaHotelbutton.gif Galbadia Hotel, an enormous video game music database.
  • Lockandload-affiliatebutton.png Lock and Load Nintendo Forums, the discussion central for anything and everything Nintendo.
  • Nintendolandbanner.png Nintendoland, the most comprehensive site on the internet dedicated to the classic Nintendo consoles and games.
  • Unseen64.png Unseen64, ZeldaWiki's affiliate in analysis, interpretation, documentation, and discussion of known beta content respective to the entire Nintendo series.

Special Cases

These sites are held to strict legal terms and any link exchanges among them are not meant to be considered an endorsement or affiliation. Additional terms and conditions may apply to Zelda Wiki. Only Zelda Wiki staff is allowed to add these; and only after approving of any conditions to this site.

  • Prima.png- Prima Games- Nintendo's official Strategy Guide publisher. Prima offera official game strategy in print, digital, video, online, and handheld applications.