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PH concept 3.jpg
Concept art of the Yook
Game(s)Phantom Hourglass
Habitat(s)Isle of Frost
Temple of Ice
Effective WeaponsBombs

The Yook are a hairy, club-wielding species whose only appearance is in Phantom Hourglass on the Isle of Frost.


Appearance and Features

The Yook appear to be based on the Yeti, something they share with the Zelda Universe Yeti found in Twilight Princess. They had bitter struggles with their enemies, the Anouki, but formed a peace agreement 100 years before the events in Phantom Hourglass. Now the Anouki inhabit the western side of the island, while the Yook live in the Great Ice Field on the eastern side of the island. They will attack anyone they consider a threat but possess the fatal flaw of sucking in large breaths of air. This allows one to throw a bomb in their mouths, which will temporarily stun them and make them vulnerable to attack. Some Yook have white hair, but others have black hair. White ones will defend more and attempt to inhale more often, but black ones swing with their club more and are generally better fighters.

During Phantom Hourglass, a black-haired Yook invades the western side of the island, kidnapping the Anouki Aroo and stealing his identity.[1]. This event resparks a strong hatred among the Anouki for the Yook. After Link defeats Gleeok in the Temple of Ice, the Yook claim that they were mind-controlled, and they become more peaceable from then on.[2][3]


  • In Japan, the Yook are known as the ユキザル (Yukizaru), which means "snow monkey". The brown individuals are called the アカザル (Akazaru), meaning "red monkey". Presumably, the English name "Yook" comes from the "yuk" part of "Yukizaru".



  1. "...Hey! How'd you figure it out? And I thought I had an amazing costume." — Yook (Phantom Hourglass)
  2. "OoooooOof... My head hurts. It's like my brain was being controlled by some evil force.. Now that I'm back to normal, I feel pretty guilty. This is sort of awkward... but, uh...sorry if I tried to eat you." — Yook (Phantom Hourglass)
  3. "We love the cold. It's one of the few advantages of being this hairy..." — Yook (Phantom Hourglass)

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ユキザル (Yukizaru), アカザル (Akazaru) Snow Monkey, Red Monkey
Spanish Latin America Nivorila
French French-speaking countries Migloo
German Germany Yuk