Yoll Graveyard

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Yoll Graveyard
Yoll Graveyard from overhead
Game(s) Oracle of Ages
Inhabitant(s) Poe
Related place(s) Spirit's Grave
Cheval's Tomb
Witch's Hut

The Yoll Graveyard is an area in the eastern region of present Labrynna. It is home to the Spirit's Grave, the very first dungeon in Oracle of Ages.


To access the Yoll Graveyard, Link must first have the Seed Satchel with the Ember Seeds inside, in order to burn down the shrub blocking the only entrance to the graveyard. As could be expected, the Yoll Graveyard is a dark and eerie locale that is practically devoid of life. Crows can be seen perched in the trees in the area. The only living inhabitant of the graveyard is Syrup the witch, found inside her Witch's Hut in the northeast corner of the graveyard.

Once Link obtains the Power Bracelet from the Spirit's Grave, he can lift the rock blocking the way to a Poe's tomb. The friendly Poe, the only other inhabitant of the graveyard, will beg Link to open his tomb, which is preventing him from reaching the afterlife.[1] As thanks for freeing him, the Poe will give Link the Poe Clock, the first item in the Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence, before moving on to the next world. Link can also use his newly earned Power Bracelet to lift a rock in the southwestern corner of the grave guarding a Piece of Heart.

Later on in the game, Link returns to the Yoll Graveyard in search of Cheval's Tomb, found in the northeastern corner of the graveyard. Cheval, the famed inventor, had buried his two most prized inventions, the Zora Flippers and Cheval Rope, along with him. Link, who requires these two items to navigate the south seas of Labrynna, must enter the grave and gather the two items. However, the path leading to the grave is littered with dangerous pitfalls, making it impossible for Link to access the grave alone. Nearby, Link will meet Moosh, who is being harassed by Ghinis. After chasing the away the ghouls, Moosh will express his gratitude towards Link by allowing him to ride on his back.[2] With the help of Moosh's flying abilities, Link is able to fly over the pitfalls and enter Cheval's Tomb.

Fittingly, the Yoll Graveyard and the Spirit's Grave take the place of the mysterious Sea of No Return and the Ancient Tomb, the final dungeon of the game, in the past age.


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It is uncertain when Ancient Tomb disappeared along with the Sea of No Return, and paved way for the Yoll Graveyard. However, considering Cheval has a grave there, and considering his age, it was most likely shortly after the era Link travels to. Ironically, the Spirit's Grave features part of the Ancient Tomb's mystery: nobody is certain of who the grave belongs to. However, given the title, it may just be Pumpkin Head's grave.


  • The Yoll Graveyard is inevitably where Link runs into Maple for the first time.



  1. "This headstone blocks my path to the afterlife." — Poe (Oracle of Ages)
  2. "...The ghosts are all gone! Did you chase them away? Thank you! I am Moosh. Maybe I can help you out. Climb onto my back." — Moosh (Oracle of Ages)
Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan ヨールぼち (Yōru Bochi)
Spanish Spain Cementerio Yoll
French France Cimetière Yoll
German Germany Yoll-Friedhof
Italian Italy Cimitero Yoll
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