Thieves' Hideout (A Link Between Worlds)

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Thieves' Hideout
Location(s) Thieves' Town, West Lorule
Game(s) A Link Between Worlds
Main Item Master Ore
Boss(es) Stalblind
Quest Reward(s)Sage Osfala
Theme Music File:Thieves' Hideout - The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.ogg

Thieves' Hideout is a dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. The dungeon is located in Thieves' Town in Lorule. To enter the dungeon Link must interact with the entrance to the dungeon, that then begins a rhyme, Link must then finish of said rhyme, the answers to which can be heard by the people in the town, although they will not directly give the answer, but instead sing the whole rhyme. Link enters the dungeon to find the portrait of the sage Osfala. Inside, Link meets a Thief Girl who had been imprisoned when she learned the location of the portrait of Osfala. Link helps her escape the dungeon, but must defeat Stalblind first. As a reward for saving her, the Thief Girl shows Link where he can find the portrait of Osfala.

Themes and Navigation

Much of the dungeon is based on the use of floor switches, on which Link, the Thief Girl, or a statue must stand to activate. Several instances require the activation of two switches simultaneously to allow Link to proceed. Link can activate two switches by having the Thief Girl stand on one and himself stand on the other. The dungeon is the only appearance of Zazak, however, only the blue variety is present. The dungeon is one of the 3 Lorule dungeons that contains Master Ore (Palace of Darkness, Skull Woods, and Thieves' Hideout). The dungeon also includes crystal switch puzzles that can be solved using bombs or bawbs, usually throwing the bombs onto conveyor belts, the direction oftentimes must be changed by pressing the aforementioned crystal switches, the dungeon also contains a number of crystal switches that are traps, for instance, making the floor drop. The boss of the dungeon is Stalblind. Link must use his ability to transform into a painting to beat it.

After the fight, Link receives a Heart Container, and rescues the sage Osfala, who returns the Sand Rod to Sheerow, and thus back to Ravio. This allows the Desert Palace, a dungeon previously inaccessible, now accessible, thus making Thieves' Hideout arguably the most important Lorule dungeon.


Aside from completion of the Thieves' Hideout granting access to the Sand Rod, the Thieves' Hideout also contains a chest full of Master Ore, needed to upgrade the Master Sword.

Enemies and Traps

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan はぐれ者のアジト (Hagure-sha no ajito) Rogue's Hideout
Spanish Latin America Cueva de los Bandidos
French France Repaire des Bandits
Canada Cachette des Brigands

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