The Legend of Zelda (Manga)

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Non-Canon Information
The Legend of Zelda (Manga)
TLoZ Manga.jpg
The cover of the manga
Writer(s) Yuu Mishouzaki
Artist(s) Yuu Mishouzaki
Publisher(s) Takarajimasha
Release date Japan September 1989[1]
ISBN Japan ISBN-10: 4-88063-627-4
Japan ISBN-13: 978-4-88063-627-6

The Legend of Zelda is a manga following the original The Legend of Zelda storyline. It was drawn and written by Yuu Mishouzaki and was published in September 1989.[1]

In this manga adaption, Link is not a traveler but an apprentice gardener living in Hyrule Castle. Other differences include Link's ears being pointed due to his being a half-elf (in the The Adventure of Link manual illustrations the ears of Impa's tribe are also pointed), Impa is drastically younger (possibly because Zelda is stated to be of the same generation as Link), etc. These changes contribute to the manga’s drastic deviation from the canon.

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