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Red Tektite in Twilight Princess
Game(s)All except The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword
Non-canon AppearancesLink's Crossbow Training
Nintendo Land
The Legend of Zelda animated series
The Shadow Prince
Zelda's Adventure'
Oracle of Seasons manga
Habitat(s)Goron Mines, Lake Hylia, Death Mountain, Mount Crenel, Zora's River, Isle of Ember
Effective WeaponsHookshot, Projectiles, Sword
EXP Points50

The Tektite (pronounced /tɛkˈtaɪt/ tek-TYT)[1][2] is a one-eyed spider-like enemy that has the honor of appearing in almost every Zelda game save for The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. This common foe comes in several colored varieties and are usually found in mountainous areas such as Death Mountain and Mount Crenel, yet are not uncommon to lake regions or on the overworld itself.



Official artwork of a Tektite in Ocarina of Time

The Tektite is a jumping spider-like creature in all aspects pertaining to appearance and behavior, changing little between games. From its debut in the original The Legend of Zelda, where it was called a "spidery thing",[3] to its most recent appearance in A Link Between Worlds, these foes tend to appear in at least groups of two, and have quite the tendency to bounce and jump around the landscape as they please, a trait exhibited most candidly in The Minish Cap. Certain incarnations of this enemy, for example the Tektites of Ocarina of Time, can also skim the surface of the water. While for the majority of Tektite incarnations, they are easy and quickly defeated using the sword, the Tektites of The Adventure of Link up the ante by shooting fireballs out of their eyes (in the non-Japanese version), and incorporate a nearly impregnable hide to make matters worse.

Tektites are no stranger to locations of many kinds; they have been seen in mountainous and lake areas, like in Ocarina of Time, The Minish Cap, and Phantom Hourglass, and have even been spotted crawling up the walls of dark caves in Spirit Tracks, not to mention on the Hyrule overworld as well. Early on, these creatures can only be found in temple-like locations in Twilight Princess, but eventually break out into the fields of Hyrule after such temples have been completed.

Tektite (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
Tektite Figurine.gif
Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. They move by jumping long distances. Their movement can be unpredictable, so attack them when they are still.


Red Tektite

The Red Tektite can be found mostly on land. They are opposite to Blue Tektites but always aim to use the same strategy in battle. They maneuver on ground rather cunningly, but a few slashes of the sword should easily kill these critters. They often frequent hotter areas such as Goron-inhabited mountains, however are not regarded to be one of the more heat-inviting species in these vicinities (in the Goron Mines in Twilight Princess they are situated amongst the more refreshing water-container mining compartment rooms).

In The Legend of Zelda and the Oracle Series, Red Tektites have a more orange palette, as do some other enemies that come in "red" and "blue" palettes.

Blue Tektite

The Blue Tektite is a variety of Tektite which can be found in several games in the The Legend of Zelda series. It will follow after Link, bouncing, until it reaches him, dealing relatively small amounts of damage. They can walk on water and can jump down lengths from a considerable height, which makes areas like Lake Hylia and the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time perfect habitats for them. These foes are quite simple to kill; two blows with a regular sword or one shot from the Bow and Arrow will get rid of one quickly and without risking Link's health.

Water Tektite

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A Water Tektite seen in the Oracle titles

Water Tektites are green Tektites which, unlike the Blue Tektites from Ocarina of Time also found on earth, are found exclusively skimming on water. This variation appears in Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons. A very similar creature known as Hover exists in A Link to the Past, but is unrelated to Tektites.

Gold Tektite

The Golden Tektite from The Minish Cap

As a result of a certain Kinstone Fusion in The Minish Cap, a Gold Tektite will appear at a seemingly random location; these Tektites are much stronger than their red and blue couterparts, taking an abundance of hits before admitting defeat, not to mention the increased speed that accompanies the heightened health. However, such increased speed and vitality comes standard for all gold enemies that are products of Kinstone Fusion.


The Tektite is considered a "normal enemy", considering it only takes one or two sword swipes to defeat (depending on which sword/upgrades you have). Projectile weapons such as slingshot seeds or arrows work, as well. The Hookshot or Longshot is effective in stunning the Tektite as in Ocarina of Time, while keeping it alive.

Non-canon Appearances

Non-Canon Information hide

Battle Quest

Tektites appear in Nintendo Land for the Wii U, in Battle Quest. They have highly resistant shells, so aimlessly swinging the sword simply will not do, but slicing through the shell's gaps will. The Tektites have gaps in shells as if they were meant to be sliced through. This usually is either vertically or horizontally, and they may switch from one to another as seems fit, much like the Quadro Babas from Skyward Sword.

Being an enemy featured in one of the game's attractions, the Tektite naturally also appears as one of the 200 Prizes that can be won using the Coins at the game on the top of the central tower located in the middle of the Plaza. Upon touching the Prize in the plaza using the touch screen or simply jumping into it, the Tektite will temporarily become animated and Monita will comment on it.

Animated series

Tektites as seen in the animated series

Tektites also make an appearance in two episodes of the animated series. In "The White Knight", various Tektites arrive at the castle and attack Prince Facade. While Facade is taking care of the Tektites, Moblins come in and kidnap Zelda. In "That Sinking Feeling", Tektites are shown to be capable of shooting spider webs out of their mouth. As Link and Zelda are enjoying a picnic, they are interrupted when an Underworld entrance begins to raise and a gang of Tektites come out from it.[4] Link and Zelda are successful in defeating a few of them, but then several Tektites wrap the princess up in spider webs while the young hero loses his Crissword to one of the foes that sneaked up behind him. Link eventually manages to defeat all of the foes and rescue the princess.

The Shadow Prince

In The Shadow Prince, Link encounters various Tektites if he chooses to hide behind a boulder to prevent from being seen by Charles of Moria. Link races up a hill to hide behind the boulder, and just as he dives to hide, he turns around to find a pack of Tektites have surrounded him. He easily defeats one, but is then grabbed by the rest of the monsters. The page ends with a Game Over with the young hero being killed by the Tektites.


  • In The Adventure of Link, Tektites are invulnerable to Link's sword and, short of the kill-everything Thunder spell, can only be killed with the Fire spell. In the Japanese version, however, they can be harmed by Link's sword. In Ocarina of Time, Tektites are unaffected by Din's Fire.
  • In Ocarina of Time, the Megaton Hammer can flip Tektites on their backs.
  • In Majora's Mask, Goron Link's ground pound will also flip Tektites onto their backs.
  • The Blue Tektites of Ocarina of Time return in Majora's Mask but the Red Tektites do not, perhaps because there is no volcanic section in Termina's overworld. Ironically, the primary environment where Blue Tektites appear is Snowhead, a mountainous region.
  • In the entire overworld of The Minish Cap, there is only one Blue Tektite.
  • It is implied that the Rocktite of Spirit Tracks is simply an enlarged Tektite due to similarities in appearance and behavior.
  • As both have the same amount of health, the same vulnerabilities, and the same movement patterns including floating on water, Red and Blue Tektites in Twilight Princess appear to be a rare case of purely cosmetic variants of an enemy.



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Japanese Japan テクタイト 赤テクタイト 青テクタイト ホーバー
ホバー (OoX)
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Tektite dorado
Spanish Spain Tektite
Latin America Tektite (OoT3D) Tektite rojo (OoT3D) Tektite azul (OoT3D)
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French Canada Araknon (OoT3D) Araknon rouge (OoT3D) Araknon bleu (OoT3D)
German Germany Arachno Roter Arachno Blauer Arachno Goldener Arachno
Italian Italy Tektite Tektite dorato
Chinese Mainland China (Simplified Chinese) 玻石虫 红玻石虫 蓝玻石虫