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There are two primary blades in The Wind Waker, The Hero's Sword and the Master Sword, as well as three enemy swords which can be picked up and used.


Hero's Sword

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Hero's Sword.png

The first sword found in The Wind Waker, it is given to Link by Orca on Outset Island.

Master Sword

Master Sword WW.png
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The Master Sword rests in a hidden chamber in Hyrule Castle. When Ganondorf kills Fado and Laruto, the last sages of the sacred realm that remain after the great flood, the Master Sword loses its power to repel evil and Link must awaken two new Sages in order to regain that power. It is twice as strong as the Hero's Sword.

Enemy Weapons

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Most weapons that enemies hold can be stolen and used by Link. All of them are wielded similarly; they can be swung two-handed (most armed enemies being considerably larger than Link and therefore using larger weapons), and they can also be thrown. Unlike Link's swords, they cannot be sheathed, and Link cannot use his shield while using them. They also cannot be kept as part of Link's inventory and cannot be taken from one room to another. They include three swords: the Machete, the Darknut Sword, and Phantom Ganon's Sword. The Machete is as powerful as the Master Sword, while the other two swords are twice as powerful.

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