Strange Flute

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Strange Flute
Strange Flute.png
Game(s) Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Use(s) Summon animal helper

The Strange Flute is an item found in both games of the Oracle series. Once attained, the flute is useless until later on in the game when it is identified by one of Link's animal helpers as that helper's flute. Potential animal helpers include Ricky, Moosh and Dimitri. After the flute has been identified, it can be used to summon that animal helper anywhere on the overworld map. There are three ways to obtain the Strange Flute in each game, and each way will cause a different helper to identify the flute as his own.

When Link gets one Strange Flute, the other Strange Flutes cannot be obtained. In a Linked Game, Link will have the same animal helper in his second adventure as he did in the first. He will not have the option of finding the other Strange Flutes.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Strange Flutes become available once Link has completed the Moonlit Grotto dungeon and returns to Lynna City from Crescent Island. One of the Strange Flutes is for sale in the Lynna City Shop for 150 rupees during present time. Another Strange Flute can be earned in the past by winning the Shooting Gallery minigame. When Link tries to travel to Symmetry City, finds the bridge broken and tries to go back, the Faeries from Fairies' Woods will stop Link and ask him to help find an animal who got lost in their forest playground.

Dimitri flute.png
Dimitri's Flute: If Link bought the Strange Flute from the Lynna City Shop, he will find Dimitri lost in the woods. Afterward, the Strange Flute will become Dimitri's Flute, and Dimitri will be called forth when the flute is used.
Ricky's Flute: If Link earned the Strange Flute by scoring 50 points or more in the Shooting Gallery minigame, he will find Ricky instead, and the flute becomes Ricky's Flute.
Moosh flute.png
Moosh's Flute: If Link chose not to get any of the other flutes and tried to proceed to Symmetry City, the Faeries will still come for his help. Link will discover that Moosh got lost in the woods, and he will be given Moosh's Flute.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Strange Flutes become available right after Link completes the Snake's Remains dungeon. One of the Strange Flutes can be bought from the Horon Village Shop for 150 rupees. Another Strange Flute can be earned by winning the Subrosian Dance Hall minigame. North of Horon Village is where Link will find Ricky who had his boxing gloves stolen by Blaino, who lives nearby. The game requires a visit to Blaino's house, pay him a total of 10 rupees, and defeating him in a boxing minigame to win back Ricky's Gloves. Afterward Ricky will help Link, allowing him to access new areas where he may meet his potential animal partner.

Moosh flute.png
Moosh's Flute: If Link bought the Strange Flute from the Horon Village Shop, he will eventually encounter Moosh being attacked by enemies. After defeating the enemies several times, Moosh will thank Link and the Strange Flute becomes Moosh's Flute.
Dimitri flute.png
Dimitri's Flute: If Link won the Strange Flute from the Subrosian Dance Hall, he will eventually meet up with Dimitri who is also being attacked. After paying an enemy a total of 80 rupees, Dimitri will thank Link and the Strange Flute becomes Dimitri's Flute.
Ricky's Flute: If Link didn't get either one of the other Strange Flutes prior to helping Ricky, then Ricky will give Link his flute right after handing him his gloves back.


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Strange Flute Ricky's Flute Moosh's Flute Dimitri's Flute
Japanese Japan ヘンなふえ リッキーのふえ ムッシュのふえ ウィウィのふえ
Spanish Spain Flauta Extraña Flauta de Ricky Flauta de Moosh Flauta de Dimitri
French French-speaking countries Flûte Étrange Flûte de Ricky Flûte de Moosh Flûte de Dimitri
German Germany Seltsame Flöte Rickys Flöte Bennys Flöte Dimitris Flöte
Italian Italy Flauto Strano Flauto Ricky Flauto Moosh Flauto Dimitri