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Quote1.png Ye who owns 3 Spiritual Stones stand with the Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time Quote2.png
— The Inscription on the Pedestal in the Temple of Time
Spiritual Stones
Link places the Spiritual Stones on their pedestal in the Temple of Time, opening the Door of Time
Game(s) Ocarina of Time
Other media Ocarina of Time manga
Use(s) Open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time
Comparable Item(s) Pendants of Virtue
Goddess Pearls
Pure Metals

The Spiritual Stones are three major Quest Items that appear in Ocarina of Time.

Quest Purpose

In Hyrule, during the era of Ocarina of Time, Link's quest involves finding the three Spiritual Stones in order to open the Door of Time which has sealed away the Master Sword in the Temple of Time.[1] The races who protect these Stones will only open their minds to those who know the melody of the Royal Family.[2]

The three stones in the game are known as: the Kokiri's Emerald, the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, held by the Great Deku Tree; The Goron's Ruby, the Spiritual Stone of Fire, a treasure held by Darunia; and the Zora's Sapphire, the Spiritual Stone of Water, held by Princess Ruto.

During his quest to unlock the Sacred Realm and steal the Triforce, Ganondorf, the evil king of thieves, was refused the Spiritual Stones by each of their respective guardians.[3][4] In response, he cursed them all with various blights using dark magic. In order to obtain the stones to prevent the Triforce from falling into Ganondorf's hands, Link is required to free the guardians from Ganondorf's malevolence.

List of Spiritual Stones

Kokiri's Emerald

Kokiri's Emerald icon.png
Kokiri's Emerald.png

The Spiritual Stone of the Forest, the Kokiri's Emerald, is the first of the three Spiritual Stones Link has to acquire in order to open the Door of Time. Ganondorf cursed the Great Deku Tree with an evil parasite in an effort to retrieve the Kokiri Emerald from him.[3] Link destroyed the parasite that had infested him to evidence his courage, and so was entrusted with this stone and the fate of Hyrule.[3] However, it was too late for the Great Deku Tree, who died shortly after giving Link the stone.[5]

When Link travels to Hyrule and meets Princess Zelda for the first time, she reveals that she had a dream that someone from the forest, in possession of the Kokiri's Emerald, would come to meet her.[6][7] After explaining their significance, she sends Link on a secret mission to acquire the other two stones.

Goron's Ruby

Goron's Ruby icon.png
Goron's Ruby.png

The Spiritual Stone of Fire, more commonly known as the Goron's Ruby, is the second of the three Spiritual Stones that Link has to collect in Ocarina of Time. It is a dearly held treasure of the Goron race.[8] When Link manages to defeat the evil creatures inside Dodongo's Cavern, the Goron's source of food, he is given this stone by Darunia, the "Big Brother" or patriarch of the Gorons.[9] Oddly, even though it is worshiped, some Gorons wish to eat the Ruby, probably because the Gorons love to eat rocks.[10]

Zora's Sapphire

Zora's Sapphire icon.png
Zora's Sapphire.png

The Zora's Sapphire is the Spiritual Stone of Water which is considered an heirloom of the Zora royalty. This stone was given to Princess Ruto by her mother who said to entrust it to the man she would one day marry.[11] After Link saves Ruto from the insides of the giant whale-like deity Lord Jabu-Jabu, the princess falls in love with the young hero and gives him the Zora's Sapphire as a symbol of their "engagement".[12]

Images of the Spiritual Stones

The symbol of the Kokiri, which resembles the Kokiri's Emerald, is seen on the Deku Shield in Ocarina of Time. This emblem is also seen on almost all the doors of the Forbidden Woods in The Wind Waker, and the doors of the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess. Crayk, the boss of the Temple of Courage in Phantom Hourglass, has the Kokiri symbol on his shell repeated over several times.

The image of the Goron's Ruby appears on the skin of the Gorons in almost all of their appearances, whether it be a tattoo they all have or part of their initial hide. In Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, the adult Gorons have the image on their upper arms, while the children have it on their forearms. In The Wind Waker, this image appears on the Traveling Gorons backpack. In Ocarina of Time, the image of the Goron's Ruby also appears on Armos' foreheads.

Lord Jabu-Jabu wears a crown with a design that greatly resembles the image of the Zora's Sapphire. In The Wind Waker, the image of the Zora's Sapphire can be found on both Medli's clothing and Prince Komali's pendant. In Twilight Princess, the pendant around Prince Ralis neck resembles the Zora Sapphire. His mother, Queen Rutela, also wears a pendant similar in shape to the Zora Sapphire. The Zora Armor also features a similar pendant. In Skyward Sword, the symbol of the Zoras is seen on the floors of the Sandship where Link fights Tentalus.


Theory Warning hide

Some have noted the similarities shared by the Pendants of Virtue, the Goddess Pearls, the Spiritual Stones, the Elements, and the Sacred Flames. This could indicate a direct link between these artifacts, or equally, it could simply be an example of the designers' desire to create a feeling of familiarity or a sense of a "shared legend" within the series.

The emblems of the Kokiri's Emerald, Goron's Ruby, and Zora's Sapphire appear as recurring designs within the Forest Temple, Goron Mines, and Lakebed Temple dungeons of Twilight Princess. Symbols of a similar nature appear within the Arbiter's Grounds, City in the Sky, and Palace of Twilight dungeons, indicating that these are in fact the symbols of these tribes.

In addition to this, supporting details can be found in The Wind Waker when Link obtains the Master Sword. If the stained glass windows of the Ocarina of Time sages are examined closely, there is a small orb above each sage's head; in the center of each orb is a symbol different for each sage or race: the Kokiri's Emerald for Saria, the Goron's Ruby for Darunia, the Zora's Sapphire for Ruto, and the Royal Crest for Rauru.


  • It is possible to get the Zora's Sapphire before the Goron's Ruby simply by entering Dodongo's Cavern, collecting the Bomb Bag, and then leaving.[13]
  • The Zora's Sapphire is also known as the Zora's Engagement Ring. This is why Ruto gives Link the Zora's Sapphire as an engagement ring in Ocarina of Time.[11]
  • In Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and The Minish Cap, the Wind, Fire, and Water Elements look similar to the Kokiri's Emerald, Goron's Ruby, and Zora's Sapphire, respectively.
  • The Kokiri's Emerald is known as the Kokiri's Jade in the Japanese and Chinese versions. Early screenshots of the English version show it by this name as well.
  • During development of Ocarina of Time, the Spiritual Stones would be inserted inside the Ocarina of Time in order to enter the Temple of Time.[14]


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Spiritual Stone Kokiri's Emerald Goron's Ruby Zora's Sapphire
Japanese Japan 精霊石 (Seirei Seki) コキリのヒスイ (Kokiri no Hisui) ゴロンのルビー (Goron no Rubī) ゾーラのサファイア (Zōra no Safaia)
Spanish Latin America Piedra espiritual (OoT3D) Esmeralda Kokiri Rubí Goron Zafiro Zora
French French-speaking countries Émeraude Kokiri Rubis Goron Saphir Zora
French Canada Pierre ancestral (OoT3D)
German Germany Heilige Steine Kokiri-Smaragd Goronen-Opal (OoT)
Goronen-Rubin (OoT3D)
Italian Italy Smeraldo dei Kokiri Rubino dei Goron Zaffiro degli Zora
Chinese Mainland China (Simplified Chinese) 精灵石 (Jīnglíng Shí) 科奇里翡翠 (Kēqílǐ Féicuì) 鼓隆红宝石 (Gǔlóng Hóngbǎoshí) 卓拉蓝宝石 (Zhuólā Lánbǎoshí)