Song of Healing

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Song of Healing
Song of Healing MM.png
The Happy Mask Salesman teaching Link the "Song of Healing" in Majora's Mask
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Twilight Princess
Spirit Tracks
Other media
Instrument(s) Majora's Mask:
Ocarina of TimeTriforce piece.png
OrganTriforce piece.png
Twilight Princess:
Wolf Link's Howl
Spirit Tracks:
Spirit Flute
Note(s) Majora's Mask:
Ocarina left.png Ocarina right.png Ocarina down.png Ocarina left.png Ocarina right.png Ocarina down.png
Spirit Tracks:
SpiritFlute Green.pngSpiritFlute White.pngSpiritFlute Green.png
Power(s) Majora's Mask:
Heals broken souls and turns them into masks
Twilight Princess:
Calls the Golden Wolf to learn the Shield Attack
Spirit Tracks:
Completely heals Link once per dungeon
Learned in Majora's Mask:
Clock Tower
Twilight Princess:
Death Mountain
Spirit Tracks:
Forest Temple
File:Song of Healing.ogg Triforce piece.png
File:Song of Healing (piano).ogg Triforce piece.png
File:Wolf Song 1.ogg Triforce piece.png
File:Song of Healing ST.ogg Triforce piece.png

The "Song of Healing" is a recurring song in the Zelda series, first appearing in Majora's Mask.


Appearances, Learning Locations and Uses

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, the "Song of Healing" is taught to Link by the Happy Mask Salesman after Link, cursed into the form of a Deku Scrub, retrieves the stolen Ocarina of Time from Skull Kid. The powerful notes of the song heal Link's soul, and the young hero returns to his Hylian form. A mask materializes and is kept as a memento of his time as a Deku.[1] Link utilizes the song many times thereafter, as it has the mystical capability of healing a broken soul and giving peace to those who cannot forget.[2]

Frequently, using the "Song of Healing" on tormented individuals yields a mask. The proud Goron warrior Darmani and the brave Zora guitarist Mikau each grant Link the use of their mortal bodies through transformation masks in return for his promise to aid their people. The spirits, finally at ease, depart to the afterlife as Link watches over their graves. The "Song of Healing" is also used to heal Kamaro, a dancer's ghost outside of Clock Town, and the researcher in Ikana Valley.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, the Golden Wolf that teaches Link the Shield Attack is summoned when Wolf Link howls the Majora's Mask version of this melody at Death Mountain.

Spirit Tracks

Song of Healing Icon.png

A song under the same name makes an appearance in Spirit Tracks, learned at the entrance to the Forest Temple. If it is not learnt there, there are other opportunities at the entrances to some, but not all of the other temples. However, the song itself sounds and functions entirely different. Playing it with the Spirit Flute while in a dungeon causes the Spirit of Healing to come and heal Link completely, but it can only be used once per dungeon.[3][4]


  • In Majora's Mask, playing the "Song of Healing" for Sharp will have him remark that, while the song has sounds somewhat soothing, a song like that has no longer effect on someone like him.[5]
  • Also in Majora's Mask, if the Song of Healing is played before speaking to the Poe Collector in the Spirit House, he will lower the price from 30 to 10 Rupees, while commenting that not all spirits can be healed by that song.
  • If Link cuts up a wooden sign in Majora's Mask, the "Song of Healing" can be played to repair it.
  • The notes in the "Song of Healing" of Majora's Mask are the same as Saria's Song, except they are reversed.
  • Oddly, when Link plays the song in the European version of Spirit Tracks, it says that he played the Song of Recovery.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan いやしの歌 (Iyashi no Uta) Healing Song
Spanish Spain Canción de Curación Song of Healing
Latin America Canción de curación (ST) Song of healing
French French-speaking countries Chant de l'Apaisement (MM), Chant de la guérison Song of Appeasement, Song of Healing
German Germany Lied der Befreiung (MM),Rettungslied (ST)
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