Snowpeak Ruins

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Snowpeak Ruins
Snowpeak Ruins.jpg
The mansion's foyer
Location(s) Snowpeak
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Other media Link's Crossbow Training
Main Item Ball and Chain
Mini-boss(es) Darkhammer
Boss(es) Twilt Ice Mass: Blizzeta
Quest Reward(s)Mirror Shard
Heart Container
Theme Music File:Snowpeak Ruins.ogg

Located in the Peak Province from Twilight Princess, the Snowpeak Ruins is a decrepit mansion, home to a Yeti couple. Yeto lives in the mansion with his wife Yeta, but they only inhabit the front rooms and the bedroom. The vacant back rooms become home to the host of monsters that invaded the mansion after the second Mirror Shard came to rest there. It is the fifth dungeon in the game.


Entrance to the Ruins

Link can find the manor at the end of Snowpeak Top's descending gorge. The first time he looks for it, he slides alone towards there with the help of a frozen leaf. Later visits require him participating in a race against either Yeto or Yeta.

Themes and Navigation

The mansion has three floors, with the predominant theme being ice. The goal during its exploration is to reach the Bedroom on the third floor, which contains a piece of the Mirror of Twilight found by Yeto and given to his wife Yeta. The item obtained in the dungeon is the Ball and Chain after defeating the mini boss, Darkhammer.

The ruins are explored in stages, as Yeta attempts to direct Link to the correct location of the Bedroom Key. Due to her current condition, her memory is poor, and she unintentionally misleads Link to find first the Ordon Pumpkin, then the Ordon Goat Cheese. These two items are used by Yeto to transform his Reekfish broth first into the Good Soup then into the Superb Soup.

Many areas of the dungeon are clogged by large blocks of ice, which can only be broken using one of the cannons found within the dungeon (and subsequently the Ball and Chain). The main enemies encountered within Snowpeak Ruins are Freezards, Mini Freezards, Chilfos, White Wolfos and Ice Keese.

The mansion is last seen during the game's credits reel: a heart "pops" out from the ruins, indicating the endurance of Yeto and Yeta's love.

Link's Crossbow Training

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The Snowpeak Ruins appears as a Ranger Mode scenario in Stage 6 of Link's Crossbow Training. Link can freely navigate a few rooms and the courtyard of the mansion. Chilfos and Ice Keese are the only enemies in the area. The majority of the Chilfos are lined up on high ledges. Upon seeing Link, they will throw their impaling staffs towards him. An unarmed Chilfos can be destroyed in a single shot, but those holding their staffs can block 4 shots; alternatively a bomb arrow can destroy even neighboring enemies. The courtyard is divided by large blocks of ice, which can be eliminated using a charged shot from the crossbow.


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The Snowpeak Ruins could have once been Ashei's childhood home. She claims to have been raised in the mountains by her father, a knight (who may be depicted in the various portraits in the mansion),[1] and there are many suits of armor and weapons inside the house, as well as many cannons, both of which seem out of place for the average household. This could also explain Ashei's fascination with the mountain, as while the rest of the Resistance is interested in certain parts of Hyrule and what they can get from them (Auru and Shad seeking knowledge, and Rusl seeking ancient technology), her interest in Snowpeak does not seem to have such motivations behind it--she seems only to be concerned about how "evil controls it".

Minor Enemies


  • Inside the ruins are many large paintings hanging on the walls or lined up together in the corner of certain rooms. There are paintings of what appear to be Ordon Ranch, Hyrule Castle, the Arbiter's Grounds, the Sacred Grove and even the City in the Sky. There are also two figures in some paintings who appear to be that of a knight-like character and possibly be some kind of wise man, but their true nature is very vague.
  • Inside the ruins there is a chapel-like area that has no mention of the Triforce, Din, Nayru or Farore.
  • With the exception of Blizzeta's room, there are no hearts contained in the pots, and the enemies give no hearts as well. Some think this is because Yeto and Yeta's love needs to be rekindled (hence the reason why a large number of hearts appear alongside the Heart Container at the end). The reason may also be that players regularly return to the kitchen where they can have as much healing soup as they want.
  • This is the only dungeon where the Boss Key does not exist, as it was replaced by the Bedroom Key. In fact, in a possible homage to the Thieves' Town dungeon from A Link to the Past, the boss is not originally located in the battle arena; instead, Yeta becomes the boss.
  • This is also the only dungeon in Twilight Princess where the Dungeon Map is not found in a Treasure Chest. Instead, it is obtained upon speaking to Yeta for the first time.



  1. "I grew up in the mountains with my father, who was a knight in his own right." — Ashei (Twilight Princess)
Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 雪山の廃墟 (Yukiyama no Haikyo) Snowy Mountain Ruins
Spanish Spain Ruinas del Pico Nevado Ruins of the Snowy Peak
French French-speaking countries Ruines des Pics Blancs Ruins of the White Peaks
German Germany Bergruine Mountain Ruin
Italian Italy Rovine sul Ghiacciaio

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