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Non-Canon Information
Hyrule Warriors Shia Art.png
Title(s) The Dark Sorceress
Gender Female
Game(s) Hyrule Warriors
Voice Actor(s) Minako Kotobuki
Counterpart(s) Lana (good half)

Cia is a major antagonist and villain in Hyrule Warriors.



Cia is a witch tasked with maintaining the balance of the Triforce. Although a good person at heart, she comes to harbor serious affections for Link which in turn becomes deep-seated jealousy directed towards Princess Zelda.

Cia then is confronted by Ganondorf, who wants to claim the Triforce of Power. She manages to overcome him, but in the process she gets corrupted by dark energy. This leads to her waging war on the kingdom alongside her companions Volga and Wizro. At some point she also curses Midna, turning her into an imp.[citation needed]

She has a very strong sense of self, being clear about what she wants and displays an unusually aggressive and provocative personality. While she desires the world itself, she desires Link moreso, wanting to make him hers.[1]

Cia shares a bitter rivalry with Lana, the White Witch, who turns out to be her other half. As Ganondorf faced her in battle, the curse put upon her divided her in two different personalities, Cia being the corrupt side while Lana being the virtuous side, even while both counterparts are in love with Link and jealous of Princess Zelda(albeit the later is willing to desist on him).

She is also responsible for the creation of the Temple of Souls, a palace materialized from the state of her mind, with various staties of Link to be found.


Cia is able to summon Dark Links.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 黒の魔女 シア (Kuro no Majo Shia) Black Witch Shia