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MM Seahorse.png
Species Seahorse
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Era Era of the Hero of Time

The seahorse is a character found in Majora's Mask.


MM SeahorseReunion.png
The two Seahorses reunited

The Seahorse lived in Pinnacle Rock until it was captured by the Fisherman at Great Bay.[1] The fisherman will give Link the seahorse in exchange for a good picture of one of the Gerudo Pirates, which can be easily obtained by equipping the Stone Mask and photographing any one of the Pirates in the compound.[2]

After Link gives the photo to the fisherman, he will receive the Seahorse in exchange, who wishes to be taken to the waters near Pinnacle Rock.[3] Once in the waters of Pinnacle Rock, the seahorse guides Link through the misty waters to the inner part of the area.[4] Here, the seahorse explains to Link that his friend is trapped among the sea snakes, and asks for the young hero's help.[5] Once Link has killed each and every one of the sea serpents, the other seahorse will be released. Both will thank Link for his help, and will reward him with a Piece of Heart.

The Seahorse is described by the fisherman as a rare specimen.[6] Seahorses, referred to as gold-colored fish, are known among Zora for their familiarity with the waters around Pinnacle Rock, and are used as guides when water conditions are bad.[7]



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Spain Caballito del Mar
French French-speaking countries Hippocampe Seahorse
German Germany Seepferdchen