Red Ring

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Red Ring
Red Ring.png
The Red Ring in The Legend of Zelda
Game(s) The Legend of Zelda
Oracle of Seasons
Cost(s) free
Use(s) Increases Defense
Comparable Item(s) Magic Armor, Armor Seed, Enhanced Defense, Guardian Acorn, Nayru's Charm, Farore's Charm, Nayru's Love, Blue Bracelet, Cane of Byrna, Blue Ring, Armor Rings
Not to be confused with the Magic Ring of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

The Red Ring is a recurring item in the Zelda series, first appearing in The Legend of Zelda.


The Legend of Zelda

The Red Ring in The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, the Red Ring is the most powerful defensive artifact, even more powerful than the Blue Ring. The Red Ring is found in Level 9. It cuts damage Link takes down to ¼ of what he takes in his original green tunic.

The Red Ring in The Legend of Zelda

With this ring on, Link's tunic will be red. Wearing the Red Ring will also cause Princess Zelda's dress to appear red.

Oracle of Seasons

OOX Red Ring.png
The Red Ring returns in Oracle of Seasons as one of the many collectible rings found within the game; however, its function is different. Instead of increasing Link's defense, it doubles his offensive power. It makes a lethal combination with the Master Sword, able to kill any enemy short of a boss in one spin attack, excluding mini-bosses, which require two. It will not make Link's tunic red like it did in the original Legend of Zelda.

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ユビワ アカ (Yubiwa Aka)Triforce piece.png Ring Red
Spanish Latin America Anillo rojo Triforce piece.png
French French-speaking countries Anneau rouge
German Germany Roter Ring