ReDead Knight

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ReDead Knight
ReDead Knight from Twilight Princess
Game(s)Twilight Princess
Non-canon AppearancesLink's Crossbow Training
Hyrule Warriors
Habitat(s)Arbiter's Grounds
Cave of Ordeals
Effective WeaponsBomb Arrows, Ball and Chain, Jump Strike

ReDead Knights are undead warriors that appear in Twilight Princess. Unlike in previous appearances, they do not jump on their victims' backs and bite them, instead relying on a huge, bandaged sword to attack. They also have a bandaged appearance, as well as rusty armor and a torn, red cloak.



Twilight Princess

ReDead Knight Sword.png

ReDead Knights only appear in the Arbiter's Grounds and the Cave of Ordeals. When first encountered, a ReDead Knight lay motionless on the ground, until Link wanders too close. It will then rise up and drag its sword towards Link. When Link is within the monster's attack range, it will release a paralyzing scream, finishing its attack with a powerful blow from its sword.

Twelve Arrows, two Bomb Arrows, the Ball and Chain, and the Jump Strike can defeat a ReDead Knight. Also, in wolf form, they can be killed by L-targeting them and continuously biting it twice. With one or two, they should be attacked from afar. The third hidden skill, the Back Slice, can be used if Link is caught in the ReDead Knight's scream by pressing the A button and tilting the control stick left or right. When the enemy brings down his sword, Link will roll around it and slice at it, leaving it vulnerable for even more damage.

The large groups of ReDead Knights found in the Cave of Ordeals can often surround Link, causing the fight to be much more frustrating. Here, it's best to use wolf form, as Link must target one ReDead and rapidly press A. Link will jump and bite the ReDead the moment the scream is over.

Other Appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

ReDead Knights appear in Link's Crossbow Training in Level 7-1. They behave similarly as their Twilight Princess incarnations, and as they are shot down, more appear to attack. They rise up from inside coffins, usually very close to the camera in an attempt to startle or scare their opponents. A single shot to the head with a normal arrow will destroy them; though using the Bomb Arrows is the best way to kill larger groups that appear.

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Hyrule Warriors

ReDead Knights appear as Captains in Hyrule Warriors, often fighting along other undead hordes. Their special attack involves screaming while releasing either a shock wave or a beam of dark magic, which stuns the player character if hit by it. This attack however also leaves the ReDead Knight vulnerable to attacks.

In game, they are simply referred to as Gibdos and ReDeads, with which name being used dependent on the stage. The different variants drop different Materials as loot.


  • In Japanese materials, ReDead Knights are known as Gibdos. The fact that they are swathed in bandages in Twilight Princess further connects them to the mummified appearance of the Gibdo, and aside from their sword, their behavior is consistent with Gibdos from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. It is unknown why its name was changed in the North American guide. However, in the English version of Hyrule Warriors, they are correctly referred to as Gibdos, as the ReDead Knight is a fire-based variant. Even then the fire-based versions are called "Flame Gibdos" in the Japanese version.

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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ギブド (Gibudo) (TP)
フレイムギブド (Fureimu Gibudo) (HW)
Flame Gibdo