Pirate Stronghold

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Pirate Stronghold
The Pirate Stronghold in-game
Game(s) Skyward Sword
Related place(s) Lanayru Sand Sea
Lanayru Shipyard
Theme Music
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The Pirate Stronghold is a mini-dungeon featured in Skyward Sword. It served as the headquarters of the gang of pirates led by Scervo who took over Skipper's Sandship that protects Nayru's Sacred Flame.


The Pirate Stronghold is one of the many islands spread out along the Lanayru Sand Sea and is the headquarters of the pirate crew who took the Sandship from Skipper. It is first visited by Link and Skipper when they are looking for clues to help them find the Sandship. Skipper notes that, while the Stronghold is as scary as he thought it would be, the pirates within should all be dead.[1]

After entering the interior of the pirate's base, Link finds a Timeshift Orb. The orb functions in the same manner as a Timeshift Stone, shifting the surrounding area between a past and present state. However, rather than remaining stationary, Link can pick up, drop, and move around with the orb, giving him access to a series of puzzles. At the end of the mini-dungeon he installs the Timeshift Orb into a generator. As a result, the gigantic mouth outside of the dungeon opens, revealing the remains of the Sandship. After analyzing the wreckage of the ship, Fi is able to dowse for it. With that, Link and Skipper set sail once again to track down the ship.


  • There are 3 Silver Rupees within the "nose" of the stronghold. They cannot be obtained after the mouth opens.
  • Despite being located very close to the Lanayru Shipyard, the Pirate Stronghold cannot be seen from Skipper's Retreat, with a giant dust cloud being seen instead. However, Skipper's Retreat can be seen from the Pirate Stronghold.

Minor Enemies and Traps


  1. "This is easily as scary as I thought it would be, vrrm... But if you think about it, they should be dead, brrzrrt! The only reason I'm up and about like this is because of that Timeshift Stone on the boat, phoo-weep! So I have nothing to worry about, vrrm! I feel better now, Link. And so it's time for you to go look for my ship, zrt!" — Skipper (Skyward Sword)

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 海賊の本拠地 (Kaizoku no Honkyochi) Pirate Stronghold
Spanish Latin America Escondrijo pirata Pirate Nook
French Canada Repaire des pirates
German Germany Piratenfestung Pirate Fortress
Italian Italy Covo dei pirati

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