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A pictograph in Majora's Mask

Pictography is the premier photographic medium of the Zelda universe, operating as a function of the many different Pictograph Boxes that take pictures of anything and everything in the surrounding landscape in the game in which it is featured. Often, capturing pictures only offer sidequest-related rewards, not to mention the personal benefits of a bit of leisure time away from Link's stressful quest.


Background on the Pictograph

A Pictograph is a sort of photograph, taken using a Pictograph Box. Depending on which Picto Box Link has (normal or deluxe, depending on the game), it is possible to get black and white or color pictographs, respectively. They are first introduced in Majora's Mask, where, at the time, only sepia-toned pictographs could be taken, and they were mostly used for minor parts of the game (such as bringing a pictograph of either Tingle or the Deku King to the Swamp Tourist Center Guide, as well as bringing a picture of a Gerudo pirate to the fisherman from the Great Bay Coast).

Later on in their reintroduction in The Wind Waker, color pictographs are made possible by using a Forest Firefly.

Related Sidequests

Upgrading the Picto Box

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Legendary Pictograph

Legendary Pictographs are special pictographs featured in The Wind Waker which depict rare subjects. These subjects, with one exception, cannot be captured on film by standard methods. Instead, Link must purchase these pictographs from Lenzo for 50 Rupees each (150 each in The Wind Waker HD). However, they can only be purchased after Link officially completes the Forsaken Fortress and has obtained the Deluxe Picto Box. In addition, each individual's pictograph can only be purchased after Link has encountered them at least once. The pictograph that is offered changes with the phase of the moon.

The Legendary Pictographs are originally sepia-toned. However, in The Wind Waker HD, they are in full color. The subjects' poses have also changed.

These are the Legendary Pictographs that can be obtained:

Image Image HD.png Subject Lunar Phase
Pictograph Fado.png LegendPicFadoWWHD.png Fado Waxing crescent
Pictograph Laruto.png LegendPicLarutoWWHD.png Laruto First quarter
Pictograph King.png LegendPicDaphnesWWHD.png Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule * Waxing gibbous
Pictograph Ganon.png LegendPicGanonWWHD.png Ganondorf ** Full Moon
Pictograph Fairy.png LegendPicFairyWWHD.png Great Fairy Waning gibbous
Pictograph Jabun.png LegendPicJabunWWHD.png Jabun Last quarter
Pictograph Queen.png LegendPicQueenWWHD.png Queen of Fairies Waning crescent

* Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule's pictograph will also earn Link a figurine of Princess Zelda when presented to Carlov. However, as with Ganondorf (see below), Link can also take a picture of her during the final battle.

** The Pictograph of Ganondorf can be obtained by taking it during the final boss fight, then saving the game and quitting.

Color Pictography Quests

Windfall Island also includes various sidequests for the Deluxe Picto Box. Link must find the people requesting pictures and construe exactly what or whom to take a pictograph of. Each quest has it own reward, from Treasure Charts to a Heart Piece. These quests include:

  • Kamo asks Link for a colored pictograph portraying the full moon. The reward is the 31st Treasure Chart.
  • Minenco asks Link for a colored pictograph portraying herself. The reward is the 33rd Treasure Chart.
  • The Anton and Linda reunion. Linda tells Link that she feels that someone is looking for her love, but hasn't succeeded yet. Link then takes a full-body picture of her and shows it to Anton, who tells Link that, indeed, he's the one interested to have a concrete relationship with the girl, and resolves to talk to her. One day passes, and Link finds the couple in the Cafe Bar; Linda thanks Link for pairing her with Anton, and gives him a Heart Piece.
  • Showing a pictograph of Lenzo talking with Minenco to Pompie and Vera near Zunari's Shop gives Link the 24th Treasure Chart.

Figurine Collection

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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 伝説の写し絵 (Densetsu no Utsushie) Legendary Magic-lantern Picture
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Luminografía legendaria Legendary Photograph
French French-speaking countries Photo de Légende Photo of Legend
German Germany Legendäres Lichtbild Legendary Photo
Italian Italy Immagini Leggendarie Legendary Image