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Picto Box
TWW Picto Box.png
The Picto Box in The Wind Waker
Game(s) Majora's Mask
The Wind Waker
Use(s) Take Pictographs

The Picto Box, also known as the Pictograph Box in Majora's Mask, is a recurring item in the Zelda series. As its name implies, it is used to take Pictographs.


Appearances, Location and Uses

Majora's Mask

The Pictograph Box

The Pictograph Box is is a sepia-toned camera available in Majora's Mask, which Link obtains from the Swamp Tourist Center after rescuing Koume from the Woods of Mystery. The Swamp Tourist Center runs a Pictograph Contest during the first day, and if Link submits a pictograph of the Deku King, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart. The operator of the contest will also reward Link if he submits a pictograph of his son, Tingle.

Later in the game, the Fisherman of Great Bay Village requests that Link take a Pictograph of a Gerudo Pirate as part of the quest to find the Zora Eggs. As a reward, the Fisherman will give Link the Seahorse that he captured near Pinnacle Rock.

The Pictograph Box can hold only one picture at a time.

The Wind Waker

Picto Box TWW.png

The Picto Box made a second appearance in The Wind Waker. It allows Link to take and store three pictographs at a time. It is found in Tingle's jail cell on Windfall Island, and is obtained by entering Tingle's cell, moving the large box, and solving the crawlspace maze without falling into any rat traps. Wooden floorboards signify a trap, whereas Rupees show the right path. The Picto Box is found inside a treasure chest at the end of the maze. Once Link obtains the Picto Box, he can use it to take only black and white pictographs.

In The Wind Waker HD, the storage has been increased to twelve images. The Picto Box has a new feature which enables Link to take self-photographs while making any of nine facial expressions, which can be changed by pressing the ZL button or moving the left analog stick. Players can send pictographs to Miiverse via Tingle Bottle. Receiving players can save the pictographs to their own Picto Box and use them for the Nintendo Gallery. The Deluxe Picto Box is not required to save color pictographs from Miiverse.

Deluxe Picto Box

Deluxe Picto Box.png

The Deluxe Picto Box is an upgraded version of the original Picto Box, which allows Link to take pictures in full color. Lenzo adjusts Link's original Picto Box after he completes his Research Assistant quest. Also, a Forest Firefly is needed in order to upgrade the Picto Box. This is not required in The Wind Waker HD.

The Deluxe Picto Box is necessary to complete the Nintendo Gallery since Carlov only accepts color Pictographs. It is also needed for a handful of other side-quests. The Second Quest starts with the Deluxe Picto Box from the beginning.


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Pictograph Box
Picto Box
Deluxe Picto Box
English United Kingdom Pictograph Box
Japanese Japan 写し絵の箱 写し絵の箱DX
Spanish Spain Cámara Pictográfica Caja Cromográfica
French French-speaking countries Boîte à Images Boîte à Images DX
German Germany Foto-Box Foto-Box Deluxe
Italian Italy Immaginografo Immaginografo SP