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Beedle Figurine.gif
Game(s) The Minish Cap
Cost(s) 200 Rupees Triforce piece.png
Use(s) Adds various effects
Comparable Item(s) Medals

Picolyte is a mysterious substance that Beedle sells in The Minish Cap.

Location and Uses

Picolyte is made by a Minish Researcher from Picoblooms in the Minish Village. To enable the manufacture of the blue, orange and yellow varieties, Link is asked to assist him by bringing Mt. Crenel Mineral Water, Lon Lon Milk, and Red Potion. After giving the researcher an item, Link must go to a distant area and then return for the Picoblooms to blossom.

For Beedle to start selling Picolytes, Link must first clear the dust from the area where Beedle will set up shop with the Gust Jar. Immediately after Beedle opens his shop, white, red and green varieties are available to purchase.

When consumed, Picolyte has the rate of finding certain items increased, such as Kinstones, Hearts and Rupees. This most significantly affects the rate of finding certain items in Grass. The effects of Picolyte wear off after approximately 30 seconds.


There are six types of Picolytes that Link can buy in The Minish Cap, each with their own unique abilities:

Image Name of Item Purpose Selling Price
The Minish Cap - Blue Picolyte.png Blue Picolyte Helps in finding items Rupee 1.gif 200 Rupees
The Minish Cap - Green Picolyte.png Green Picolyte Helps in finding Mysterious Shells Rupee 1.gif 200 Rupees
The Minish Cap - Red Picolyte.png Red Picolyte Helps in finding Hearts Rupee 1.gif 200 Rupees
The Minish Cap - Orange Picolyte.png Orange Picolyte Helps in finding Fairies Rupee 1.gif 200 Rupees
The Minish Cap - Yellow Picolyte.png Yellow Picolyte Helps in finding Rupees Rupee 1.gif 200 Rupees
The Minish Cap - White Picolyte.png White Picolyte Helps in finding Kinstones Rupee 1.gif 200 Rupees