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Ocarina artwork from Link's Awakening
The Ocarina from Link's Awakening
Game(s) A Link to the Past
Link's Awakening
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
The Minish Cap
Other media BS The Legend of Zelda
Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love
Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Comparable Item(s) Flute
Ocarina of Time
Bone Ocarina
Ocarina of Wind
Fairy Ocarina
Wind Waker

Ocarinas (aw-kah-REE-nah) are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series.


A Link to the Past

Main article: Flute

An Ocarina appears in A Link to the Past; however, it is called the Flute in English versions due to a mistranslation (although it was originally "Ocarina" in Japanese versions). It once belonged to a young boy who set out in search of the Golden Power and never returned. Link finds this instrument buried in the Haunted Grove, and uses it to call the boy's duck which can take him to different parts of the Light World.

Link's Awakening


In Link's Awakening, the Ocarina can be found in the Dream Shrine, which can only be completed if Link has the Power Bracelet and the Pegasus Boots. The Ocarina can be played before learning any songs, but all that comes out are random notes which have no effect.

The Ocarina is used to play the following three songs once learned:

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

The Fairy Ocarina from Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of time.png
Main articles: Fairy Ocarina and Ocarina of Time (Item)

The Ocarina of Time plays an important role in both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. In Ocarina of Time, Link uses it to solve various puzzles, travel to the entrance of temples, open the way to the Door of Time, and even change from day to night in an instant. The Ocarina of Time in Majora's Mask is also used for a wide variety of purposes, with its most prominent being traveling back in time to the Dawn of the First Day by playing the "Song of Time."

The Minish Cap

Main article: Ocarina of Wind

In The Minish Cap, Link has a blue ocarina called the Ocarina of Wind. It functions like the flute from A Link to the Past, in which the young hero uses it to call a bird known as Zeffa, which can take him to parts of Hyrule where Link has uncovered a Wind Crest.

Other Appearances

BS The Legend of Zelda

In BS The Legend of Zelda, the graphic for the Recorder has been changed to resemble the Ocarina from A Link to the Past. The Ocarina is found in the third Dungeon, which can be used to warp to other dungeons. When the Ocarina is played on a pad near the eastern shore, the sixth dungeon will appear.

The Ocarina player in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love

Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love

In Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, a mysterious, hooded character known as Segāre plays an ocarina to call his horse. The Ocarina is similar in design to the Ocarina of Time.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Series

HWL Skull Kid Ocarina Artwork.png

in Hyrule Warriors, Link can be seen playing the Ocarina of Time in his victory animation for the Horse moveset, and Young Link uses it as his Special Attack to exchange his Special Bar for his Magic Bar. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, the Golden Ocarina appears as a new item, which plays the "Ballad of Gales", allowing Warriors to warp to any active Owl Statues scattered across the map.

The Ocarina also functions as the Skull Kid's Weapon, using it to coordinate attacks between himself, Tatl, and Tael. He can transform it into a trumpet to summon and control the Puppets from Twilight Princess to attack on his behalf.

Weapon Power
Weapon Number of Stars
0 1 2 3 4 5
HW Fairy Ocarina.png
Fairy Ocarina
80 88 96 104 112 120
HW Lunar Ocarina.png
Lunar Ocarina
150 165 180 195 210 225
HW Majora's Ocarina.png
Majora's Ocarina
280 308 336 364 392 420

Weak Point Smash

Main article: Critical Point#Hyrule Warriors

Against commander enemies, Skull Kid summons a puppet behind them and let it rapidly attack the victim by spin flailing its arms until Skull Kid comes up and finishes off with an energy explosion. Against Large Bosses (any), Skull kid uppercuts the giant monster with tatl and tael to face him in the air and then comes down in a dark bash with him surrounded in a dark barrier.

Special Attack

Main article: Special Attack

With in a front radius, Skull kid uses the dark magic of the Mask and rattle his head while a large dark magic circle appear and rapidly damage enemies caught in the circle, dragging them all to the center until Skull Kid ends it with a huge energy burst.

Focus Spirit

Main article: Focus Spirit

Upon activation, Skull stomps the ground hard in anger (in reference to Skull Kid being cornered in Sacred Grove from Twilight Princess), and then makes a double stomp to burst out dark energy. Activating to expose enemies weak point gauge, Skull Kid kick gribble a miniature moon before kicking it in the air and then twirl kicks the moon at the enemies in front of him as it burst in darkness, after Skull kid spanks his behind at his victims. When the Focus Spirit comes to an end, Skull Kid holds his head and squirms violently as if the Dark magic of Majora's Mask is overwhelming until the power explodes out, damaging enemies around him.

Similar Items

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In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Tingle has a Bone Ocarina which can be used to call a pirate ship. Later he gets it upgraded to allow him to open the ten hidden blue pirate treasure chests hidden throughout the three continents.



"Ocarina" is Italian in origin, meaning "little goose."

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Spanish Latin America Ocarina
German Germany Okarina


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