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The Gallery's main desk
Carlov inside the Gallery

The Nintendo Gallery is a location in The Wind Waker where all the Figurines collected can be seen.


The Gallery

The Nintendo Gallery is located on a tall cylindrical island near the Forest Haven and can be opened by hitting a switch in the main island with a Seagull. The gallery is run by Carlov, who will carve a figurine of every enemy and character in the game. To request a figurine, Link must show Carlov a color Pictograph of the subject. Carlov will only accept pictographs which display a significant amount of the subject's body and which show the subject facing the camera. After Carlov approves the pictograph, he will complete the requested figurine in a day. Link can use the Song of Passing to advance time and speed up this process. Certain characters in the game cannot be pictographed, such as Ganondorf and the Fairy Queen, but Link can purchase pictographs of them from Lenzo on Windfall Island. These are known as Legendary Pictographs.

Some characters and bosses appear one time only, making possible to leave the Nintendo Gallery uncompleted. If a pictograph of certain subjects are not taken before they are defeated or they dissapear, completing the galley becomes impossible during the first playthrough, altough it can be completed during the Second Quest, where the Deluxe Picto Box is available from the beginning and all the figurines from the previous playthrough are still in the gallery.

It is possible to complete the Nintendo Gallery on the first playthrough, as Carlov will accept the pictograph of the Gohma rematch in Ganon's Tower. This is the only pictograph missed before the Deluxe Picto Box can be obtained.

No! It's like this. See the myth pertaining to this subject:

Nintendo Gallery complete only in the Second Quest

After the entance to the gallery is opened, Manny, who is seen outside of the gallery before it is opened, will appear next to the main desk, and sometimes inside the rooms looking at the figurines. Figurines that cannot be obtained can be seen behind Carlov's desk, including Tetra's Ship, a Submarine, the Salvage Corp's boat, a scale model of the windmill and lighthouse on Windfall Island, and both forms of the Nayru statue on Southern Triangle Island. Around the desk, some Zelda-related easter eggs can also be found, such as the Bunny Hood, All-Night Mask, Goron Mask and Keaton Mask from Majora's Mask, several bottles of Lon Lon Milk and a Cucco. The figurines are made out of Rainbow Stone, a type of rock found only around Forest Haven.[1]

The Wind Waker HD

Completing the Nintendo Gallery in The Wind Waker HD is facilitated. In the remake, the Picto Box can hold 12 pictographs instead of 3, plus a golden Carlov icon will appear on a pictograph that can be used to make a figurine. Also, Carlov can now make up to 12 figurines per day, as opposed to only one. Additionally, pictographs found in a Tingle Bottle can be saved in the Picto Box, making possible to obtain figurines of subjects that were previously missed.

Figurine Collection

Main article: Figurines in The Wind Waker

L — Obtained via a Legendary Pictograph.
* — Automatically received with another figurine.
! — May be missable after some point of the game.

Hall A: Forest Haven Figurines


Hall B: Dragon Roost Island Figurines


Hall C: Enemy Figurines


Hall D: Boss and Mini-boss Figurines


Hall E: Outset Island Figurines


Hall F: Windfall Island Figurines


Hall G: Great Sea Figurines



  • In The Wind Waker HD, the Knuckle figurine is needed to complete the Nintendo Gallery, unlike the original game. A reference to this fact was added to his figurine description.[2]
  • It is impossible to get a figurine of a Beamos. If Link brings in a successful pictograph of one, the resulting figurine will be an Armos.
  • To the right of Carlov, a figurine in the process of being carved resembles either Saria or Anju.

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  1. "How do you like my figurine? Isn't it marvelous? We do use only the highest quality material, after all, so I suppose it couldn't be anything less than lovely. You can make figurines out of many different materials, but I carve mine from rainbow stone—It's a special type of rock whose colors defy description. Rainbow stone is a very precious material, and it can only be found around here!" — Carlov (The Wind Waker)
  2. "Supposedly, it used to bother him that this collection was considered complete, even without his figurine." — Nintendo Gallery figurine description (The Wind Waker HD)
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