Mount Crenel

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Mount Crenel
The entire landscape of Mount Crenel
Game(s) The Minish Cap
Inhabitant(s) Tektite, Peahat, Grayblade, Great Mayfly Fairy, Crenel Hermit
Related place(s) Melari's Mine
Theme Music File:Mount Crenel.ogg

Mount Crenel is a craggy, mountainous area in The Minish Cap, located in the northwest corner of Hyrule.



Mount Crenel is home to the Mountain Minish, among them is the greatest Minish metal smith, Melari and his seven apprentices. The Great Mayfly Fairy is also found here, providing Link with a larger Bomb Bag, as well as the reclusive Crenel Hermit both of whom live high up on the Crenel Wall. Lastly, one of the nine Blade Brothers, Grayblade, who teaches Link the Roll Attack, is also found by scaling the walls of Mount Crenel on the southeastern side.

Scaling the Mountain

The base of Mount Crenel, by some beanstalks

Mount Crenel employs the use of blue and green beanstalks to ascend further up the mountainside, the green of which cannot be grown with simple water, but must be supplied with Mt. Crenel Mineral Water gathered from the natural hot spring at the base of the mountain, in order to sprout. The Grip Ring, found in a bombable cave and bought from the Business Scrub within, is used extensively and is required to scale the vertical, rocky walls of Crenel. A unique feature of Ezlo is also introduced in this area as Link needs to cross cliffs via small whirlwinds. The Gust Jar proves handy in removing spiky obstacles and uncovering enemies hiding beneath rocks.

Crenel Wall

The most significant area of Mount Crenel is the Crenel Wall region, an enormous expanse of vertical rock face that can only be climbed with the aid of the Grip Ring. With the Grip Ring in hand, Link will be able to reach the summit of the mountain via its only route - without it, Link will not be able to reach the summit any other way. Like the climb to the apex of Death Mountain in Ocarina of Time, falling boulders threaten any safe passage to the mountaintop.

Areas of Interest

Mount Crenel was once home to the Gorons before their numbers started dwindling. The mountain is full of Tektites, Peahats, and falling boulders, endangering any who venture the risky ascent to the summit. Near the top of the mountain is a human mine, which is the second dungeon known as the Cave of Flames. In this dungeon, Link receives the Cane of Pacci. The boss of the dungeon is known as Gleerok, and upon his defeat Link receives the Fire Element, the second of the Elements and a full Heart Container. This area is also notable for its many secrets, including Heart Pieces and Fairy Fountains.


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
English United Kingdom Mt. Crenel
Japanese Japan ゴングル山 (Gonguru-san) Mount Gonguru
Spanish Spain Monte Gongol
Latin America Monte Gongol
French French-speaking countries Mont Gonggle
German Germany Gongol-Berg
Italian Italy Monte Fez
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