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Non-Canon Information
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Title(s) Shopkeeper
Race Koridian
Gender Male
Game(s) Link: The Faces of Evil
Voice Actor(s) Jeffrey Nelson

Morshu is a character in Link: The Faces of Evil.


Morshu is the shopkeeper of the Goronu area of Koridai. He sells Link lamp oil, Bombs, and rope.[1] He will make a point of refusing to sell anything if Link does not have enough rubies.[2] Very little is known about him.


  • Morshu is a popular subject in "YouTube Poop" remix videos. His "Mmmmmm..." line is especially popular.


  1. "Lamp oil, rope, bombs! You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies!" — Morshu (Link: The Faces of Evil)
  2. "Sorry Link, I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little... Mmmmmm... richer!" — Morshu (Link: The Faces of Evil)