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TitleProtector of the Seal[1]
Game(s)The Wind Waker
Dungeon(s)Wind Temple
Weakness(es)Its "eye" tongue
Reward(s)Heart Container
Fully powered Master Sword
Theme MusicFile:VS Molgera.ogg

Molgera is a gargantuan Lanmola-like creature that appears in The Wind Waker. It lives in the depths of the Wind Temple, waiting for its prey. Molgera is a Boss that must be defeated in order for Makar to be placed in as the new Sage of the Wind, and for the Master Sword to return to full power.



When Molgera emerges from the sand, Link must be careful not to get too close to its gaping mouth; otherwise, the creature might devour him and cause severe damage before spitting him back out. Link must get close enough, however, and use L-Targeting to grab its tongue with his Hookshot. Link can then slash away at Molgera with the Master Sword.

One of Molgera's other attacks is to send out three baby Molgeras to annoy Link. The young hero can use the Hookshot to latch onto them, pull them to his side, and slash them. They reward him with Hearts when they die. After Molgera sends its infants out, Link must watch out for Molgera as it emerges from the sand and flies through the air, attempting to crush him when it dives back in. After receiving four scored onslaughts, the boss flies into the air and explodes in a shower of sand, revealing the Triforce crest with blue light.

Link's rewards from this fight are a Heart Container and a fully powered Master Sword.

Molgera, Protector of the Seal (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
Molgera Figurine.png
Habitat: Wind Temple
Effective Weapon: Hookshot
This evil guarding burrows deep into sand. Use the Hookshot to draw out its tender tongue, then slash at it with your blade


  • Molgera's tongue can be extended; Link simply needs to use his Hookshot on it, move back, and use his Hookshot on it again. The tongue can stretch across the room. When it's overstretched, it's possible to see that it actually consists of several unconnected spheres, although this is most likely just a glitch.
  • It is also possible to latch onto Molgera's tongue while it's in the air if it's timed right. Molgera becomes frozen in the air if that happens.
  • The song that plays during the fight with Molgera was included as a track in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Unlike the other bosses, who each resembles a larger version of a common dungeon enemy, the only creatures within the Wind Temple Molgera resembles are the worms it spawns during battle.

Name Etymology

Molgera's name is a play on Mogura, the Japanese word for mole.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 封印の守護者 モルド・ゲイラ (Fūin no Shugosha Morudo Geira) Guardian of the Seal: Morudo Geira
Spanish Spain Verminus From the Roman god who protected cattle from diseases
French France Gayla
German Germany Bannsiegelwächter Mordo Geira
Bannsiegelwächter MantaraTriforce piece.png
Guardian of the Ban-Sigil: Mordo Geira
Guardian of the Ban-Sigil: Mantara
Italian Italy Gayla, guardiano del sigillo Gayla, Keeper of the Seal

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