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Milk Bar
MM3D Milk Bar.png
The Milk Bar in Majora's Mask 3D
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Phantom Hourglass
A Link Between Worlds
Inhabitant(s) Majora's Mask:
Mr. Barten
Madame Aroma
Phantom Hourglass:
Old man
A Link Between Worlds:
Milk Bar Owner
Bouldering Guy
Flute Boy
Item(s) Majora's Mask:
Troupe Leader's Mask
Phantom Hourglass:
Power Gem
Related place(s) East Clock Town (MM)
Mercay Island (PH)
Kakariko Village/Thieves' Town (ALBW)
Theme Music
File:Milk Bar.ogg (MM)
File:ALBW Milk Bar.ogg (ALBW)

The Milk Bar is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. It is a drink restaurant that primarily, if not solely, serves Milk.


Majora's Mask

The Milk Bar interior in Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, the Milk Bar is referred to both as the Milk Bar and as Latte.[1] The Bar, which is located in East Clock Town, is run by Mr. Barten,[2] and is open from 10 PM to dawn.[3] The Bar has a reputation for being a great live venue, so the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's, had planned to do their Carnival of Time performance on the Milk Bar stage.[4] However it was cancelled when Lulu, the band's singer, lost her voice.

Latte is a members-only establishment, and as such, it will refuse entry and service to anyone during opening hours who does not have Proof of Membership, in the form of Romani's Mask.[5][6] There are two drinks offered at the Milk Bar: regular Milk, which costs 20 Rupees, and the special vintage Milk Chateau Romani, at a price of 200 Rupees per serving.[7] Link cannot order anything unless he is wearing Romani's Mask when speaking to the bartender.[8]

Link can find Madame Aroma drinking here from 6:00 PM on the Night of the Final Day, and if Link received the Special Delivery to Mama during the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest, he can give it to her to receive a Bottle full of Chateau Romani.[9] In Majora's Mask 3D, Link is unable to enter unless he has Romani's Mask, preventing the young hero from delivering the letter until he has assisted Cremia in delivering Milk.

During the ending credits, the members of the Gorman Troupe and The Indigo-Go's can be seen performing at the Milk Bar as part of the performances for the Carnival of Time.

Ballad of the Wind Fish

By speaking to The Indigo-Go's manager, Toto, near the stage, Link can participate in a sound check for the band The Indigo-Go's.[10] Link will be required to play the "Ballad of the Wind Fish", by donning each Transformation Mask and playing their specific part in the song as orchestrated by the manager. Link will not only complete his Bomber's Notebook entry for Toto, but will also receive the Troupe Leader's Mask from Gorman, who happens to be listening in on the performance.[11]

Phantom Hourglass

Main article: Mercay Tavern

In Phantom Hourglass, a small Milk Bar located on Mercay Island plays a minor role, though nothing can be purchased from it. It is said that Linebeck usually stops at the Milk Bar.[12]

A Link Between Worlds

Lorule's Milk Bar in A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, a Milk Bar is situated in both Kakariko Village and Thieves' Town. These bars are near-identical to each other, and even their owners are counterparts to each other. The Milk Bar Owner from Hyrule sells Milk for 20 Rupees a Bottle, and later for 10 Rupees as a special deal, for saving his regular customer, Bouldering Guy, with a bottle of Premium Milk. A duo of musicians, comprising of a Bard and the Flute Boy, will play a song for 10 Rupees. The songs they will play are selected at random each time, and are guitar and flute remixes of notable songs from the Zelda series.

In Lorule, the Milk Bar Owner simply desires to be left alone to drink Milk in peace,[13] and does not sell Milk to Link.


The list of songs that the Bard and Flute Boy play are as follows:


  • The bar seems to have come about from the joke of Hylian Milk being alcoholic.[14]
  • Hanging on the walls of the Milk Bar in A Link Between Worlds are pictures of a Goddess's Harp, Makar's Violin, and an Ancient Robot with a bird.
  • Very rarely, in A Link Between Worlds the musical duo will play a "botched" version of the Death Mountain theme, where the flute starts screeching madly halfway through.


The songs from A Link Between Worlds

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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ミルクバー (Miruku Bā)
ラッテ (Ratte)
Milk Bar
Spanish Spain Bar Lácteo Lacteal Bar
Latin America Bar Lácteo (MM3D, ALBW) Lacteal Bar
French France Le Lactel, Milk-Bar Triforce piece.png
Le Crémeuh, Milk-Bar Triforce piece.png
Le Laktoz, Milk-Bar Triforce piece.png
The Lactel, Milk Bar Triforce piece.png
The Creamy, Milk Bar Triforce piece.png
The Laktoz, Milk Bar Triforce piece.png
Canada Le Lattè, bar laitier (MM3D)
Bar laitier (ALBW)
German Germany Milchbar
Italian Italy Bar Latteo (MM3D)
Milk Bar Ratte Triforce piece.png
Lacteal Bar