Medicine Shop

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Medicine Shop
The Kakariko Village Medicine Shop
Game(s) Ocarina of Time
Inhabitant(s) Medicine Shop Owner
Item(s) Stock Items for sale
Related place(s) Market (past)
Kakariko Village (future)

The Medicine Shop is a place in Ocarina of Time.


The shop is run by the Medicine Shop Owner, and deals in Potions and other bottled items including Fairies, Bugs, and Poes. During the past, the Potion Shop is located in the Market; however, in the future, the Medicine Shop is located in Kakariko Village due to the devastation Ganondorf has caused.

There is another Potion Shop known as Granny's Potion Shop located right behind the Kakariko Medicine Shop.[1] The only kind of Potion available is the Blue Potion, which sells for 100 Rupees.

Wares and Pricing

Medicine Shop

Image Item Price
BlueFire(OoT).png Blue FireBlue Fire 300
BottledBugs(OoT).png Bottle BugsBottle Bugs 50
DekuNut.png Deku Nuts5 Deku Nuts 15
FairysSpirit(OoT).png Fairy's SpiritFairy Spirit 50
Fish(OoT).png FishFish 200
RedPotionPot(OoT).png Red PotionRed Potion 30
GreenPotionPot(OoT).png Green PotionGreen Potion 30
PoeSoul(OoT).png Poe SoulPoe Soul 30

Granny's Potion Shop

Image Item Price
BluePotionPot(OoT).png Blue PotionBlue Potion 100



  1. "Granny's Potion Shop / Closed / Gone for Field Study / Please come again! / --Granny" — Sign (Ocarina of Time)

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Potion Shop Granny's Potion Shop
Spanish Latin America Tienda de pociones (OoT3D) Tienda de pociones de la abuela (OoT3D)
French Canada Boutique de potions (OoT3D) Mémère l'apothicaire (OoT3D)
Italian Italy Negozio di pozioni (OoT3D) Negozio di pozioni (OoT3D)