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Game(s)Link's Awakening
Effective WeaponsSword, Bomb, Arrows

Mask-Mimics are relatively weak enemies appearing in Link's Awakening.

Characteristics and Weaknesses

Behaving in the same way as Arm-Mimics, Mask-Mimics mimic all of Link's movements, but move in the opposite direction (for example, if Link moves to the right, they will go left), and cannot be hurt from the front due to their masks (hence their name). Mask-Mimics can be defeated with the use of a Spin Attack to their exposed backside. Alternatively, they can be defeated with Arrows or Bombs; Link can even jump over them with the Roc's Feather and slash them from behind.


  • Mask-Mimics are one of the many references to the Mario series in Link's Awakening, as they greatly resemble Shy Guys. In fact, the Japanese names of the two enemies are identical.

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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ヘイホー (Heihô) Shy Guy