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Artwork of Makar in The Wind Waker HD
Title(s) Sage of Wind
Race Korok
Game(s) The Wind Waker
A Link Between Worlds (picture only)
Era Era of the Great Sea

Makar is a character who appears in The Wind Waker. He is a Korok from the Forest Haven, and every bit as adventurous as the Hero of Winds, though his adventuring usually puts him into trouble that he can't get out of without a little help from his friends. Under the care of the Great Deku Tree, considered a father figure to the child of the forest, Makar holds a special position among the Koroks as their only musician and performs for them regularly.



Makar TWW.png

Makar's musical forte is the violin (the instrument might seem at first to be a cello due to Makar's height), which he primarily plays at the ceremony that takes place around the time that Link first arrives at the Forest Haven to retrieve Farore's Pearl. Makar is usually late to this ceremony, but this year Makar and his friend Linder flew over the nearby Forbidden Woods, despite the Great Deku Tree's warning that it had become overrun with monsters.[1] [2] Makar fell in and was captured by those monsters. This delays the ceremony and requires Link to go to the Forbidden Woods to rescue him. Unfortunately, just when Link finds Makar, the Korok is eaten by a monstrous plant called Kalle Demos. Link defeats the monster and the two return to Forest Haven, where Makar plays his violin for the ceremony, causing great seeds to grow from the Great Deku Tree. While the other Koroks take the seeds across the Great Sea, Makar and Hollo remain in the forest.[3] Makar composes a new tune annually for the ceremony and practices it behind the waterfall at Forest Haven so that the others will not hear, though his music actually is audible from his hiding place.[4] It is by following the sound of his music that Link is able to find Makar later in his quest.

Makar is also the Sage of Wind and successor to Fado, the Kokiri.[5] The mark of this is in his violin which is identical to Fado's and is known as an "instrument of fate." When Link returns to the Forest Haven, looking for the new Wind Sage, he finds Makar playing this violin, alerting him to the Korok's destiny. Link conducts the "Wind God's Aria" for Makar, causing the Korok to see Fado and awaken as the Wind Sage. Now knowing his purpose, Makar accompanies Link to the Wind Temple.[6] He is quickly captured again, though, and waits in a cage for Link to free him. In the final chamber of the temple, after Link defeats the beast Molgera, Makar, with a little help from Fado, plays the Wind God's Aria and restores the last of the Master Sword's power, giving it the ability to strike down Ganondorf.[7] He stays behind in the Wind Temple to continue praying for the sword when Link goes on to defeat Ganondorf.[8] When Link and Tetra resurface after Hyrule is flooded once more, Makar can be seen with Medli and the pirates on Tetra's ship.

Makar (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
Makar Figurine.png
Birthplace: The Forest Haven.
Personality: Frivolous.
Makar is in charge of the musical performance at the ceremony held each year by the Koroks in Forest Haven.
The instrument he uses appears to be a cello, but it is actually a violin...


When not confined, Makar has several useful abilities that Link can use by conducting the Command Melody. Like all other Koroks, Makar can fly with the use of a Deku Leaf, which takes the form of a propeller in his back. This can only be used for a short time, however, and he will fall if he uses it for too long. Makar can also plant seeds in mounts of soft soil, causing a tree to grow. This can cause one of several things to happen, including making a chest appear, unlocking doors, or opening other paths that were not previously available. These trees are also soft enough for Link to target with his Hookshot, allowing him to cross gaps and climb to new places. Finally, if Link conducts the Wind God's Aria near a wind altar, Makar will play the song and cause the stone to break, revealing a new door or passage.

Non-canon Appearances

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Makar appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Name Image Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by
Makar Makar Sticker.png The Wind Waker [Slash] - Resistance +4 All


  • All Koroks' faces appear as leaves that have real world counterparts. Makar's may be some type of Catalpa, Aspen, Basswood, or Redbud, as these all have heart-shaped leaves that are smooth-edged when juvenile.
  • In A Link Between Worlds, a picture of Makar's face can be found on the wall of a house in Kakariko Village.

Name Etymology

Makar's name is derived from the Makoré plant. His name is also similar to the Hawaiian name "Makani," which means "wind," fitting his role as the Sage of Wind. Similarly, Medli's name is similar to the Sanskrit word "Medini," meaning "earth."



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan マコレ From Makoré, a type of wooded African plant
Spanish Spain Makore Same as Japanese name
French France Dumoria Synonymous with Tieghemella africana, also known as Makoré
German Germany Makorus Same as Japanese name
Italian Italy Macorè Same as Japanese name