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Majora's Mask
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Artwork from Majora's Mask 3D
Game(s) Majora's Mask
A Link Between Worlds
Other media Majora's Mask manga
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Comparable Object(s) Fused Shadow
Theme Music
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Majora's Mask (pronounced /məˈdʒɔ:ɹə/ mə-JAW-rə)[1] is a mask and the primary antagonist in the game of the same name, once used by an Ancient Tribe as a form of hexing and torture.[2] This mask is primarily seen being worn over the face of the game's supposed antagonist, Skull Kid, who uses its dark magic to wreak havoc across Termina.[3]


Role in the Game

Majora's Mask rises to the Moon

The mask is first introduced after the Happy Mask Salesman removes the curse that was placed on Link by Skull Kid. The salesman explains that the mask is an ancient artifact that was used by an ancient tribe for its bewitching rituals, but the mask's wicked power became so great that it was sealed away to prevent a great catastrophe. However, since the ancient tribe vanished, no one accurately knows the true nature of its power. The salesman fears the great devastation that could befall Termina if the mask is not taken back from the Skull Kid.[4]

For a majority of the game, the mask is worn by Skull Kid on the Clock Tower, drawing the Moon to Termina.[5] Although the Skull Kid is unaware, Majora's Mask is gradually beginning to take complete control of his mind. His once harmless pranks become malicious acts of evil.[6] Prior to the game's events, Skull Kid used the power of the mask to prank and curse others around him, such as Kafei.[7]

On the Clock Tower after the Four Giants are called, the Mask abandons Skull Kid and enters the moon so that it can push it through the Giants' blockade and complete its destructive path.[8][9] It is there that Link follows Majora's Mask into the moon to fight the evil menace behind all of this.[10] After the young hero and Tatl defeat the malevolent mask, they return to the land of Termina where the Happy Mask Salesman informs them that the evil inside Majora's Mask has disappeared once and for all.[11] The Mask is last seen as the Happy Mask Salesman departs with it in his hands.

Cameo in A Link Between Worlds

Majora's Mask can be seen hanging in Link's House in A Link Between Worlds, which later became Ravio's shop. However, it is unknown if this mask is the genuine article, as it is unclear how and when Majora's Mask would have been found in the Downfall Timeline. The Mask also stays in Ravio's Shop for the entirety of the game and is never worn (although Link can merge into the wall behind it to create an illusion of wearing it), and so never displays any powers, thus leaving its true nature unknown.


Majora's Mask has three different forms: the mask itself, Majora's Incarnation, and Majora's Wrath.

Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask first form

Majora's Mask comes to life and grows hairlike tentacles as well as growing significantly larger. To defeat the Mask, Link must stun it with some projectile weapon to make it collapse to the ground, allowing him to strike it with his sword. However, it must be a strike to the back to stun it. An easy way to do this is to transform into Zora Link. When Z-targeting the Mask, the Boomerang fins fly around behind it and strike it in the back, stunning it. Additionally, there are flower designs on the ground. Deku Link can burrow into these flower designs, making him temporarily impossible to hit and allowing him to hit the Mask as it flies over him. After the Mask has taken enough damage, it shoots a fire beam at Link and the four Boss Remains Masks begin to attack Link as well, though little effort is taken to kill them. The beam can be deflected with Link's Mirror Shield to reflect it back at the mask. Majora's Mask has tentacles in this form and can use a whirling attack. This attack cannot be blocked, but it can be countered with a well-timed spin attack, which causes the mask to become stunned and vulnerable to Link's sword.

Majora's Incarnation

Majora's Incarnation

After the Mask form is defeated, it loses its tendrils and grows a set of spindly arms and legs, as well as a tiny, one-eyed head with horns. This form of Majora's Mask will run madly around the room, pausing every now and then to perform a variety of dances—moonwalking, pirouettes, jumping jacks, and even the Kozachok—or to make taunting gestures at Link. Its only attack is a rapid-fire barrage of energy bolts it fires from its hands. Though not used often, this attack is difficult to anticipate and can be deadly if Link isn't fast enough.

To defeat Majora's Incarnation, Link must hit it with either his Sword or Arrows when it stops to dance. When this happens, it will fall on its face and flail about, and after being struck a few times with the Sword, it will get up again. During the entire battle, Majora's Incarnation makes mad clucking and whooping noises, and emits a high-pitched screech whenever struck. Though seemingly weaker than its other forms, its speed and constant gibbering can be grating.

Majora's Wrath

Majora's Wrath

After the final scream from the Incarnation is heard, it stands up to assume its final form. Its muscles begin to throb and inflate into a more humanoid shape, whip-like tendrils shoot out from its hands, and a new head bursts forth from its neck, becoming Majora's Wrath. To defeat Majora's Wrath, Link must use a projectile weapon to stun it while it is paused, then strike it with a Light Arrow or his Sword. This process must be repeated until it is defeated. The individual attacks of Majora's Wrath are not particularly damaging, however, its immense reach allows it to attack numerous times very quickly. It often jumps from one side of the arena to the other. Its attacks are fast-hitting, but slow to wind up, giving Link a window of opportunity to attack. Majora's Wrath attacks by whipping its tendrils three times, leaping across the room, throwing giant spinning tops lined with spikes, grabbing Link and tossing him across the room, and using a furious whipping attack that is only announced by a horrifying shriek briefly before it uses the attack.

Killing Majora's Wrath causes the monster to disintegrate into ashes, finally eliminating the threat to Termina.

Fierce Deity and the Moon Dungeons

One of the children on the inside the moon
Main article: Fierce Deity's Mask

Majora's Mask is encountered when Link talks to the lonely child under the tree inside the Moon. Using the Fierce Deity's Mask, Majora's Mask can easily be defeated; however, some fans think this takes some of the fun out of the battle.

To obtain the Fierce Deity's Mask, Link must obtain all twenty-three other masks and use them to enter the four moon dungeons. While on the moon, the young hero will notice five children, four of which are running around wearing each of the Boss Remains. Each will allow Link entrance to their dungeon, for a specific fee of masks.[12] If he gives a total of twenty Masks to the four children (excluding the three transformation masks) at the entrance and exit of each dungeon, the child wearing Majora's Mask will give him the Fierce Deity's Mask for a game of "Good vs. Bad", although this has no effect on the boss battle.[13]

Non-Canon Appearances

Non-Canon Information hide
Majora in the manga

Majora's Mask Creation

In an extra chapter of the Majora's Mask manga, the story explains that before the time setting of Majora's Mask, there lived an evil creature which fed on the desires of the countless numbers of humans who had come before it to try and claim its armor and be granted their wishes. A traveler then comes forward to the place where the monster lived. The traveler starts talking with the man-eating creature, where he finds that the monster itself wanted to die, being so miserable. The man proceeded pulled out his bongo and started playing. The monster went into a trance and started dancing. The traveler played for three days straight. On the third day, the beast dropped dead from dancing his heart out. The hero took its magical armor, but instead of wishing upon it, he carved it into a mask in an attempt to seal the beast's power inside the mask forever. The mask was named Majora after the beast. The mask had a spirit because Majora's evil power lingered on inside the mask seeking a host, not resting until its wish was granted.

Super Smash Bros. Series

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Majora's Mask serves as a stage for Event 47, "Trophy Tussle 3." If all three opponents are defeated within three minutes and without losing the 2 lives granted, the player is rewarded with Majora's Mask Trophy. In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Skull Kid wearing the Majora's Mask appears as an Assist Trophy. When summoned, he flips the stage upside-down, inverting the direction of the fighters' movements. A Trophy of the Skull Kid wearing the Majora's Mask and another Trophy of the mask itself can be bought from the Trophy Shop. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Majora's Mask appears as an item in Smash Run, inflicting 50% of damage to the user while doubling its stats.

Game Image Description How to Unlock
Super Smash Bros. Melee Majora's Mask Trophy.png A lonely Skull Kid put on Majora's Mask and unknowingly allowed a great evil to invade the land of Termina. The mask manifested its evil power into the fearsome looking moon, and the Skull Kid became merely a puppet under its malevolent power. In the ultimate battle with Link, Majora's Mask transformed into three separate forms. Clear Event 47
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U No Image.png Created for use in ancient hexing rituals, this mask was infused with such dark magic that it became an evil creature in its own right. In a seperate dimension called Termina, it tries to cause the end of the world by making the moon fall from the sky. And if you think the mask looks creepy, wait until you see its other forms! Bought from the Trophy Shop
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U SSB4 Skull Kid Majora's Mask Trophy.png It's said that children who get lost in the forest are turned into these music-loving little monsters. In Smash Bros., you can summon one who's sporting Majora's Mask. It'll move into the background and bring down a world of chaos on the whole stage. Even the fighter who summoned him will be affected, so try to keep a level head! Bought from the Trophy Shop

Theories on Origins of Majora's Mask

Theory Warning hide
The Fused Shadow, with an eye of Majora's Mask for comparison

The Twili

The Twili tribe, which was introduced in Twilight Princess, or more likely their Interloper ancestors, could be the ancient tribe that used and possibly created Majora's Mask. Majora's Mask has similarities to the Fused Shadow, a relic created by the Interlopers, as they share similar powers and have some aesthetic similarities, especially around the eyes. The Twili's fighting style, as portrayed by Zant, is also very similar to that of Majora's Wrath. As such, Majora's Mask could be the Terminan version of the Fused Shadow, or perhaps a "prototype" of it. And considering that the Happy Mask Salesman said that he went to great lengths to get the mask, It could mean that he actually went into the Twilight Realm to get Majora's Mask.


The Ikana Kingdom is populated by an ancient tribe whose history is said to be "stained with a history of darkness" and "drenched in blood", so they would certainly be a match for the ancient tribe who used the Mask.


  • During the battle with Majora, if Link listens to what Tatl has to say, her hints sound like the ones given in previous boss fights, but in reverse order and excluding Gyorg. During the battle with the first form, Tatl says to strike it from behind, similar to the weakness of Twinmold.[14] When it transforms into the Incarnation, she tells Link to hit it with his own body, similar to how Goht is defeated, although it is unnecessary to do so.[15] Finally, while battling Majora's Wrath, Tatl says to strike it while it is distracted, almost exactly like how Odolwa is fought.[16]
  • An unused design for Ganondorf in Twilight Princess bears what appears to be an effigy of Majora's Mask on his armor. The image can be found in Hyrule Historia.[17]
  • During the battle with Majora's Incarnation, it can be heard "singing" part of the theme of Death Mountain from The Legend of Zelda when spinning like a ballerina.[18]
  • The sound Majora's Mask makes in its first form during its spinning attack were recycled as sounds Floormasters make in The Wind Waker.



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Japanese Japan ムジュラの仮面 ムジュラの化身 ムジュラの魔人
Spanish Spain Máscara de Majora Encarnación de Majora Mago de Majora
French France Masque de Majora Incarnation de Majora Magicien Majora
German Germany Majoras Maske Majoras Inkarnation Majoras Magier

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