Magic Medallions

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Magic Medallions
Ether Medallion.pngQuake Medallion.pngBombos Medallion.png
Magic Medallions artwork from
Four Swords Adventures
Game(s) A Link to the Past
Four Swords Adventures
Use(s) Cast magic spells

The Magic Medallions are three items that give Link to ability to cast magic spells. Each of the Medallions targets every enemy on screen, but each have varying effects, and some enemies are immune to the effects of certain Medallions. All three spells center around using the Master Sword, and as such, Link cannot use them unless he has the Master Sword or its upgraded versions. In Four Swords Adventures, when a Medallion is tossed onto the battlefield by one of the Links, it eradicates all enemies in the entire area.

List of Medallions

Ether Medallion

Ether Medallion Art.png

The Ether Medallion can be found across a bridge west of the Tower of Hera. A green tablet identical to the one found in front of Desert Palace can be found there. Link requires the Book of Mudora to translate its message. It instructs Link to raise his Master Sword to the heavens. Once he does so, the lightning-based spell is cast, destroying the tablet as a result. Then, the Ether Medallion falls from the sky into Link's hands.

Ether attacks through the atmosphere, as flying enemies appear to be the most affected. Most enemies who are not destroyed by the initial pulse of lightning and pressure are frozen, as if they were struck by the Ice Rod. Ether's atmosphere-altering capabilities can be used to clear the rain in Misery Mire.

Quake Medallion

Quake Medallion Art.png

The Quake Medallion can be found in the Lake of Ill Omen, where a circle of stones in the water lies. By throwing a skull into the circle, Link will awaken the Catfish, who will offer him the Medallion in order to be left alone. This is the only Medallion that Link does not activate upon receiving it.

Quake Sprite FSA.png

The Quake Medallion causes an earthquake resulting from Link thrusting the Master Sword into the ground. It only affects ground-bound enemies, generally either destroying them or turning them into Slime. Using the Quake Medallion near certain trees will cause them to yield various items, as if Link ran into them with his Pegasus Boots. The Quake Medallion is needed to open the passage to Turtle Rock.

Bombos Medallion

Bombos Medallion Art.png

The Bombos Medallion can be found in the Desert of Mystery, high upon a cliff that can only be reached by traveling to the Dark World and using the Magic Mirror near the swamp. As with Ether, it is obtained via a green tablet which can only be read with the Book of Mudora. The spell is cast once the Master Sword is raised, with the tablet breaking afterwards. The Medallion then falls from the sky.

Bombos Sprite FSA.png

With an enchanted Spin Attack, Link sends out a ring of fire followed by a series of small explosions in all directions. This causes all enemies to become inflamed, as if they have been struck with the Fire Rod. Additionally, fewer enemy types are immune. This is the only Medallion which is not required for Link to progress through his quest.


  • In the German version of Four Swords Adventures, each Medallion is associated to an element: the Ether, Quake, and Bombos Medallions are instead known as the Air, Earth, and Fire Medallions, respectively. In France and Italy, the Bombos Medallion is known as the "Flame Medallion."
  • The Catfish and the Quake Medallion it gives may be a reference to the Namazu, a giant catfish said to have created powerful earthquakes that became trapped beneath a stone.[1]
  • The effect of the Quake Medallion is similar to that of the Spell from The Adventure of Link, in that the Spell turns enemies not immune to its effects into Bots.
  • The three Spells in Ocarina of Time could have originated from these Medallions. Both are trios, are obtained outside of Dungeons, and use up more Magic Power than any other items or abilities in their respective game.
  • The Symbols on the Bombos Medallion resembles the symbol on the Forest Medallion from Ocarina of Time.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Ether Medallion Quake Medallion Bombos Medallion
Japanese Japan エーテル (Ēteru) シェイク (Sheiku) ボンバー (Bombā)
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Medallón Ether Medallón Temblor Medallón Llamarada
French French-speaking countries Médaillon d'Éther Médaillon des Secousses Médaillon des Flammes
German Germany Luft-Medaillon Erde-Medaillon Feuer-Medaillon
Italian Italy Medaglione dell'Etere Medaglione del Sisma Medaglione della Fiamma

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