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This article is about the recurring species. For information on the enemy from The Minish Cap, see Keaton (Enemy).
Game(s)Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Habitat(s)Clock Town
Milk Road
Mountain Village

Keatons are a race of fox-like creatures. They are first mentioned in Ocarina of Time, and appear as allies in Majora's Mask.

Their characteristics are derived from the mythological Japanese fox creature, kitsune. They have yellow fur and three tails with black fur on the tip of each tail; Keatons are said to recognize one another by the sheen of their tails.[1]



Ocarina of Time

Main article: Keaton Mask

The Keaton Mask can be obtained in Ocarina of Time as part of a trading quest. It is the first mask obtained from the shop in Hyrule Castle Town, and can be sold to the guard at the far end of Kakariko Village as a gift for his son. Keaton is said to be a popular character.[2]

Majora's Mask

Keaton is a three-tailed, yellow fox that appears in Majora's Mask. To get it to appear, Link needs to obtain and equip the Keaton Mask and cut some Moving Grass in North Clock Town, Mountain Village or along Milk Road.[3] Keaton will then appear and ask the young hero five questions about things in Majora's Mask.[4] If he answers them all right, Link will obtain a Piece of Heart. There are a total of thirty questions that could possibly be asked. If Link does not answer the questions correctly, he can try again, but the Keaton can only be summoned once every three-day period. Choosing to summon the Keaton again and answering the five questions after receiving the Heart Piece will yield a Red Rupee as a reward. Should Link remove the Keaton Mask before speaking to the Keaton, it will disappear, though it can be summoned again.

A Keaton may also live in the Catacombs in the clearing Link falls into, as there is Moving Grass there as well. However, Link is unable to revisit the tunnels after initially passing through them, and so it is impossible to return there after claiming the Keaton Mask.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan キータン (Kītan)
German Germany Keaton
Italian Italy Keaton