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Race Hylian
Gender Male
Game(s) Majora's Mask
Non-canon Appearances Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Era Era of the Hero of Time
Family Mayor Dotour (father)
Madame Aroma (mother)
Anju (fiancée / wife)

Kafei is a young man who lives in Clock Town in Majora's Mask. He is the son of Mayor Dotour and Madame Aroma,[1] and he is engaged to Anju, the inn-keeper at the Stock Pot Inn. Although the two lovers made a promise to exchange the masks of the sun and the moon[2] and get married on the day of the Carnival of Time,[3] a sudden turn of events forces Kafei to run from Anju's side, leaving the young inn-keeper without a reason for his immediate departure. It is up to Link to reunite Anju and Kafei and help them keep the promise they made to each other so many years ago.

Kafei is renowned as being the first playable character in the Legend of Zelda canon series that is not Link.



During his youth, young Kafei was a member of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. The owner of the Curiosity Shop states that he was a childhood friend of Kafei's and gave him the Keaton Mask as a gift. Later, Kafei eventually fell in love with Anju when they were children and they became engaged. They promised each other to marry on the day of the Carnival of Time, exchanging the masks of the sun and the moon during the event.[3] However, several years later, and only a month before the Carnival,[4] Kafei was suddenly turned into a child by the possessed Skull Kid.[5]

On his way to see the North Clock Town Great Fairy about his desperate situation, Sakon came along and stole his wedding ceremony mask.[6] As such, Kafei could not return to Anju despite knowing that she was worried, for he had promised her to greet her with his wedding mask in hand.[7] He goes into hiding at the Curiosity Shop and disguises himself with a Keaton Mask that the Curiosity Shop owner gave him when he was a child,[8] secretly watching all of the customers of the Curiosity Shop (which sells stolen goods). He is positive that the thief will appear and he will be able to follow him to retrieve his mask.[9] Despite Kafei's terrible fate, Anju does not know what has become of him or why he disappeared. She is afraid to meet her fiance and hear the reason as to why he escaped, for she fears his disappearance might have been caused by her.[10]


Main article: Reuniting Kafei and Anju
Kafei wearing the Keaton Mask

Kafei is one of the twenty characters in the game with an entry in the Bombers' Notebook, and all of his entries are related to the "reuniting Kafei and Anju" sidequest, in which he plays a key role.

When Link intervenes to help reunite Kafei and Anju, he gets a chance to meet Kafei after he witnesses the delivery of the letter he deposited in the mailbox as requested by Anju. Kafei explains to the young hero his reasons for his disappearance and why he can't go see his fiance, and asks Link to deliver his pendant to Anju as proof that is still willing to keep his promise.[11] Once the young inn-keeper receives this extremely important item, she will once again believe in Kafei and decide to wait for his return despite that everyone else will be taking refuge in Romani Ranch.[12]

Anju and Kafei reunited

On the night of the Final Day, Link and Kafei team up to enter Sakon's Hideout and retrieve the Sun Mask in the process. After making their way through the trap-filled hideout, Kafei recovers the wedding mask and immediately leaves for the Stock Pot Inn to meet up with Anju. With just a few hours left until the moon falls, Anju is desperately waiting for Kafei in her room with her Moon Mask. The two lovers at last reunite and exchange their masks and oaths when Kafei finally arrives with his mask.[13] In return for witnessing this event, they grant Link the Couple's Mask.[14] Even though the moon is just hours from destroying Termina, they urge Link to take refuge, for they will stay and greet the morning together.[15]

During the ending credits, Anju and Kafei can be seen outside of Clock Town having their wedding ceremony. Kafei is never specifically shown in this scene, but it is assumed he was turned back into an adult since the camera is put into Kafei's point of view, and he is looking straight at Anju's face.


Day Time Location Activity
1 6:00 AM South Clock Town Deposits letter in mailbox
1 7:00 AM Laundry Pool Returns to the area behind the Curiosity Shop
1 1:00 PM Stock Pot Inn The Postman delivers Kafei's letter to Anju. Anju will then plan to give her letter to Link if he wears Kafei's mask.
2 3:25 PM Laundry Pool The Postman delivers Anju's letter to Kafei if Link deposited it in the mailbox for Anju
2 4:00 PM Laundry Pool Enters his room in the Laundry Pool and unlocks the door. Link can go in and talk to Kafei to receive the Pendant of Memories if he deposited Anju's letter in the mailbox.
3 6:00 AM Ikana Canyon Kafei waits for Sakon to show up and enter his hideout to retrieve the Sun Mask. He will ignore Link if they haven't met previously.
3 4:30 AM Stock Pot Inn Employee Room Kafei shows up at the Employee's Room to meet Anju, where the two lovers combine both of their masks to make the Couple's Mask if Link helped Kafei retrieve the Sun Mask.

Sun Mask

Main article: Sun Mask

The Sun Mask is the mask that Kafei gives to Anju as a part of their wedding ceremony. Sakon the thief stole it and took it to his hideout in Ikana Canyon. Once Link and Kafei retrieve it during the night of the Final Day, they take the mask to Anju, who is waiting patiently on the second floor of Stock Pot Inn. Accompanying the Sun Mask is a silver mask, the Moon Mask.

Pendant of Memories

Main article: Pendant of Memories

The Pendant of Memories is a small charm that Kafei wears around his neck. When Link gives it to Anju, she will promise to wait for Kafei until he returns, heavily implying the sentimental value of the pendant.

The charm has no real use while in Link's inventory, but it's symbolic of the love Kafei and Anju share.

Non-canon Appearances

Non-Canon Information hide

Majora's Mask Manga

Kafei being transformed by the Skull Kid in the manga

In the Majora's Mask manga by Akira Himekawa, Kafei is first mentioned by Anju's mother, and later Anju explains his disappearance after nursing Deku Link's injuries. He later makes a physical appearance as he tries getting into the Stock Pot Inn. Link, thinking Kafei was up to no good, chases Kafei away which causes him to drop a letter addressed to Anju. Link delivers the letter to her, and she decides to wait for Kafei. Link later tracks down Kafei, and interrogates him, thinking he is a minion of the Skull Kid. Kafei explains what happened to him, and asks Link to take him to the Skull Kid. Kafei pleads with the Skull Kid to change him back to an adult, who then fires a blast of energy at Kafei, gravely injuring him. Anju appears and the two embrace as Link enters the final battle with Majora's Mask. After the battle, Kafei changes back into an adult, and he and Anju enjoy their wedding day.

Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube, Kafei's clothes appear as an item that players can purchase and wear as the item "Kafei's Shirt".

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Kafei appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Name Image Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by
Kafei & Keaton Mask Kafei Sticker.png Majora's Mask Shield Recovery +10 All


  • A similar looking pendant to the Pendant of Memories is found in Twilight Princess. It is worn by Agitha, but it has a different coloration.
  • In the Majora's Mask Manga, Kafei, after being transformed into a child, seems to retain the strength of a man. (see Link/Kafei fight).
  • If Link speaks to the Astronomer in the Observatory while wearing Kafei's Mask, he will mention that Kafei was a member of the Bombers when he was young.[16]
  • Kafei is one of the few Majora's Mask characters that does not have an Ocarina of Time counterpart.
  • Although it is unknown whether Kafei regained his adult form, in the wedding ceremony which plays during the credits, his view is not that of a child's, which seems to imply that he did.
  • When Kafei is putting his letter in the mailbox on the first day, it is possible to transform into Deku Link and get the dog to attack him. It is also possible to injure Kafei by using the Blast Mask in proximity to him.
  • Kafei seems incredibly agile, as seen when he performs a backflip during the Sakon's Hideout event. He moves very far back -- nearly the distance of two of the switches, or three times as far as Link.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan カーフェイ (Kāfei)
Spanish Spain Kafei
French French-speaking countries Kafei
German Germany Kafei