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Non-Canon Information
Hyrule: Total War
Developer(s) Credited to Nintendo
Publisher(s) Credited to Nintendo
Designer(s) Undyingnephalim
Release date North America TBA
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy
Modes 1 - 8 players
Platform(s) PC

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Hyrule: Total War is a fan developed Zelda Real-Time Strategy game that allows players to field and command armies from many of the series' iconic races and cultures. Players will construct cities, build empires, and ultimately manipulate the history of Hyrule through their actions of warfare and diplomacy.



Players will be able to field massive armies from many of the iconic races portrayed in the Zelda series

Originally imagined as The Gerudo Wars, it was eventually decided that the game would instead depict a much more massive span of time and was thus renamed Hyrule: Total War. For several years the creator struggled to find a suitable 3D engine that could accommodate and depict the major races of the Zelda series in a game of epic warfare. Eventually The Creative Assembly allowed for development of the game using their Medieval II Engine.


Hyrule: Total War is defined as a tactical Real Time Strategy game. Players will take control of one of twenty one different factions from the Zelda universe, each faction having access to various architecture, soldiers, and characters iconic to the Zelda series. After choosing from these factions the player will build up cities, field armies, make alliances with other races and wage war on those that do not comply. The city and empire building aspect of the game will take place on a large turn based overworld map, while warfare and battles will unfold in real time landscapes with players maneuvering armies to clash each other.

The opening cinematic of the game. Armies of the Hylians, Gerudo, Goron, Zora, Kokiri, Gohma, Moblins, Darknuts, Lizalfos, Stalfos, Sheikah and Labrynna are shown battling each other

Factions and Characters

There will be a total of twenty factions in Hyrule: Total War, nineteen of which are playable.

  • Kingdom of Hyrule - Composed of the Hylians, the Kingdom of Hyrule has a well balanced and ordered force.
In addition to armies, players will be able to summon iconic characters from the series, such as Princess Zelda herself
  • Gerudo - Composed of the Gerudo, an all female race, the Gerudo sports tough mobile soldiers and unmatched archer cavalry.
  • Goron - Composed of the rock people known as the Gorons, they sport slow moving but extremely durable and powerful troops as well as unmatched siege weapons.
  • Zora - Composed of the aquatic Zora native to the Zora's River, they field well trained and highly disciplined soldiers with good morale. In addition they suffer no penalty for fighting in rain and rivers, and can move over all bodies of water.
  • Kokiri - Composed of an alliance of forest creatures, most notably the childlike Kokiri, they field massive armies of cannon fodder units to hold out while larger powerful units like Deku Trees smash into enemy armies.
  • Gohma - Composed of the arachnid Gohma, they are able to spawn overwhelming swarms of tiny but extremely weak soldiers that can spread across the land at terrifying speed.
  • Ordona Province - Composed of the humanoid Ordonians, Ordona is a farming nation and province of the Kingdom of Hyrule that sports the game's fastest and toughest cavalry.
  • Lanayru Province - Composed of a breed of Zora differing from their river counterparts, Lanayru Province is an alliance of said Zora and Hylians bent on earning their independence. They have access to the ocean and resources bonuses.
  • Deku Tribes - Composed of the Deku Scrubs, the Deku Tribes rely on ranged guerrilla tactics and environmental bonuses to make up for their face-value weak armies.
  • Stalfos - Composed of various undead and reanimated creatures, the Stalfos field armies immune to all psychological effects such as morale.
  • Moblin - Composed of an alliance of blin creatures, the Moblins are a crude and loosely organized army that fights with brute force and bloodthirsty rage.
  • Sheikah - Composed of the Sheikah, they're very stealthy and can easily flank opposing armies without being noticed, however they are very few in number.
  • Darknut Legion - Composed of the Darknut warrior enemies, very bulky and skilled with the art of sword combat, but lack cavalry and ranged units.
  • Lizalfos - Composed of Lizalfos, they are speedy and quick to initiate strong charge attacks, however they are barely armored and have little to no combat training.
  • Labrynna Regime - Composed of the Labrynians, they are a technologically advanced faction that have harnessed the use of gunpowder and long range warfare, but the weapons they carry take time to re-load and lack in close-range combat.
  • Fairies of Tarm - Composed of varieties of fairies, units brought into war from this faction cost absolutely nothing, yet the backlash is that the units are lacking in many areas of strength, particularly melee.
  • Kingdom of Ikana - Composed of undead Ikana soldiers, they are a supreme fighting force and highly regarded in most areas of warfare, however the economy has crumbled for them, making forces hard to afford.
  • Forces of Twilight - Composed of the Twili, Troops have a more notable psychological impact on enemies, but they are slow, uncomfortable, and tire easily in Hyrule's alien environment.
  • Order of the Wizzrobe - Composed of the Wizzrobe, they are the masters of long range magic bombarding, however they lack in melee and general physical defense.

NPC Factions

  • Oocca - Composed of the Oocca, described as soldiers armed with god-like powers and technology beyond comprehension, there appears to be no weaknesses. This is the only un-playable faction of the game.
  • The Church of Majora - Composed of followers of the Majora Worship, they rarely flee from battle, are able to spread their faith much quicker than other religions, and can field any unit from any empire that has fallen under the influence of the Majora Worship.
  • River Zoras - Nicknamed Zolas, they are considered to be the ancient ancestors of the modern and civilized Zoras. Unlike their civilized descendants, River Zoras do not have cities and instead spawn their soldiers at random locations along Hyrule's rivers. They are able to travel across bodies of water, but are unable to survive in sub zero temperatures, and tire very quickly in snow.
  • Zuna - An isolated reptilian race in Gerudo Desert, they are known to be master builders and weapon crafters. Due to these skills, they are able to build structures a lot faster than other empires and are outfitted with stronger weapons than most empires at an earlier time.
  • Subrosians- Native to subterranean Holodrum, their economy and society is largely centered around the mining and refining of ores. Subrosian mines generate a staggering income for the rare metals they produce. They are also resistant to wounds, and can take much more punishment than other races. However, they are terrified of outside influence and culture, and will rarely ally or engage in war with other empires.


The game will take place over several hundred years. Players will be able to dramatically effect the history of Hyrule and determine the fate of key characters such as multiple incarnations of Princess Zelda

Hyrule: Total War will transpire across several hundred years of history which the player will be able to determine the outcome based on the actions of his or her chosen faction. If played in accordance to plan then history will transpire properly with the Hero of Time defeating anyone attempting to dominate Hyrule. If the player chooses to deviate then the outcome of the game can have radically different outcomes, such as Ganondorf killing Princess Zelda and taking over the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Differences from Canon

The creator has repeatedly stated that Hyrule: Total War is its own story and is not connected to canon in any way. He describes the game as "Christopher Nolan's Batman movies compared to Tim Burton's. The characters are same, but the plot and the way events unfold are different to each director. It's not safe to assume events in Hyrule: Total War will transpire as they did in official Zelda games, especially with the freeform nature of the game."


Though Hyrule: Total War has not been completed or released there are several demos available at

Development and Ownership

Though it is a fan-made game, full credit is given to Nintendo once again. The game is not being sold for profit, and is only being shared as a tribute to Nintendo's Zelda series.