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This is the article for the enemy also known as a Hoarder. Not to be confused with the Spiked Beetle, a turtle-like enemy that appears in many of the same games.
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Spiny Beetle
Spiny Beetle in Four Swords
Habitat(s)Overworld, Caves
Effective WeaponsSword, Power Glove, Power Bracelet

Spiny Beetles, also known as Hoarders first appeared in A Link to the Past,[1] where they could sometimes be found sheltering under stones or bushes. These harmless creatures will move away from Link when he gets near, revealing their location. While he can destroy them with his sword, if Link removes the bush or stone that they are hiding under by lifting it, they will scurry around wildly, dropping green Rupees and bumping into Link. If they come into contact with him, they won't cause damage, but will knock him around a little. If Link picks up a Rupee they drop, they will drop another. They will continue to dash around for a short while before disappearing, leaving behind a single Rupee. If Link obtains a certain number of Green Rupees, they will drop a Red Rupee.

In Link's Awakening and later appearances, they are no longer harmless enemies and will now actively attack Link and cause him harm. They will hide under a bush, rock or skull undetected and will charge rapidly at Link when he least expects it, although they will not move if he approaches them from behind. If they are under a stone or skull, they cannot be harmed until Link removes the object, upon which they will scurry around but will continue to cause damage if they come into contact with him. They will no longer drop Rupees, but in Link's Awakening they are very likely to have Fairies hidden in the rock or bush they are underneath, or will drop them when defeated.

Spiny Beetle (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
Spiny Beetle Figurine.gif
Appears in various areas. They hide under common rocks and grass. Be careful, because they can pop out when you least expect it!


  • Despite their name, they do not appear to have any spines or spikes on their bodies at all. The name may stem from the spike-like appearance of a bush on top of these creatures in Link's Awakening, or potentially from their spike-like feet.
  • The Nintendo Player's Guide for Link's Awakening confuses these enemies with Beetles and Spiked Beetles, stating that they can only be defeated by flipping them with a shield. This information is inaccurate, and may also be the cause for their seemingly inaccurate name, as Spiked Beetles are based in Spinies from the Mario series.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
link= Japanese ヘイジー (Heijī)
ヘイジー (草) (Heijī (Kusa))
ヘイジー (岩) (Heijī (Iwa))

Heijī (Grass)
Heijī (Rock)
link= SpanishEU Heiji
link= FrenchEU Heiji
link= German Dubio
link= Italian Heiji



  1. "From time to time, Link encountered strange little creatures called Hoarders. Other than their habit of hiding under rocks and bushes, Hoarders were known for keeping little stashes of Rupees. Link learned to steal a Hoarder's meager treasure simply by picking it up. The Hoarder shook so much that its Rupees fell out." (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide (Nintendo of America Inc.), pg. 130)