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Hide and Seek
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Location(s)Clock Town, Moon, Fairies' Woods, Windfall Island
Game(s)Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages, The Wind Waker
Main PrizePassword (Majora's Mask)
Piece of Heart (The Wind Waker)

Hide and Seek is an eponymous mini-game in Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages, and The Wind Waker. Link must locate and catch all of the cult-children from different locales around Clock Town in Majora's Mask and Windfall Island in The Wind Waker. In Oracle of Ages, he must locate and catch three stray fairies in the Fairies' Woods.



Majora's Mask

Hide and Seek begins once Deku Link bursts the blue Majora's Mask balloon that one of the Bombers had been relentlessly trying to pop with spitballs in North Clock Town.[1] He will then challenge Link to this mini-game: all five Bombers will run to and hide in different places around Clock Town.[2] Two Bombers hide in North Clock Town: one behind a tree, and the other behind the slide; another child waits outside the Post Office in West Clock Town; the last two children hide in East Clock Town: one child crouches above the Inn, while the other sits above the Milk Bar. Once all five have been found, they will reveal a secret code that will unlock the pathway into their secret hideout. Link can seek out the Bombers again, and challenge them for a second time as a human; the Bombers' Notebook will be awarded once Link re-finds all five of the Bomber children.[3][4]

The Moon Children also challenge Link to games of Hide and Seek, though their version is significantly more complicated.[5] There are four children who will play with Link, and each of them hides in a small dungeon based on one of the four temples. The children are found in the final room of each dungeon. Each child requests a certain number of masks before and after the game is played with him;[6][7] if Link successfully finds each child (and give them all his masks, leaving him with none) the final child (wearing Majora's Mask) will give Link the Fierce Deity's Mask.[8]

Oracle of Ages

Fairy OoA.png

In Oracle of Ages, three friendly but mischievous Stray Fairies have the power to rearrange their woods as they see fit. They must be located in the Fairies' Woods in a hide-and-seek game. When Link is successful, the fairies straighten out the Woods, allowing Link to reach the Wing Dungeon.

The Wind Waker

At the main square of Windfall Island, the four members of the Killer Bees challenge Link to a game of Hide and Seek after Link tries to persuade them back into atttending school on time, per a request from Mrs. Marie, their teacher.[9][10] The children spread out in different directions, and arguably they are more difficult to locate than their Majora's Mask counterparts. Ivan, the leader, can be found atop the tallest tree near the entrance to the main commercial center of the island; Jan is hiding behind the Bomb Shop; Jun-Robert is behind Tott's Song of Passing stone at the rear of the island; Jan is crouching behind a bush on the outside ledge of Mrs. Marie's School of Joy. Finding all of the members rewards Link with a Piece of Heart.[11]


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