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Hidden Village
Hidden Village.jpg
An overview of the Hidden Village
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Other media Link's Crossbow Training
Inhabitant(s) Impaz
Item(s) Piece of Heart, Ancient Sky Book, Horse Call, Poe Soul
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The Hidden Village is a location in Twilight Princess. It is located in the Eldin Province, north of the Bridge of Eldin.[1] Prior to the events in Twilight Princess, the Hidden Village served as the secret home to the Sheikah tribe; however, due to the prolonged wars, the tribe dwindled and the town fell into decline, becoming infested with Bulblins and leaving only one resident, Impaz.[2][3][4]


Appearances and Features

Twilight Princess

Early in Link's quest, entry into the village is blocked off due to a rockslide that happened long ago.[5] After Link shows the Wooden Statue to Ilia, she remembers that someone saved her from monsters and is still in danger. Gor Coron recalls where he has seen the Wooden Statue before, which leads Link to the Hidden Village.[2] Link goes there to rescue the one who helped Ilia with the aid of Darbus, who breaks through the rocks to clear the young hero's path path. When Link first visits the town, it is infested by 20 Bulblins, all of which he must slay in order to rescue Ilia's helper.[6] The only other resident of the village, named Impaz, comes out of her home after Link slays every single one of the beasts. Thanking the young hero for his help in defeating the Bulblins, she hands Link the Horse Call, which is an item Ilia gave to Impaz before escaping the Hidden Village.[7]

Shortly after Ilia recovers her memory with the aid of the Horse Call, Link returns to the Hidden Village and shows the Dominion Rod to Impaz. The old woman recognizes the rod upon seeing it and gives the young hero the Ancient Sky Book, which is only to be carried by the messenger to the heavens.[8] It is with the help of this book that Link eventually reaches the City in the Sky.

Most of the buildings in the village were abandoned and ruined by the Bulblins, and as such, only Impaz's house is still fit for residence. Impaz's house is also home to several cats that she takes care of. In the backyard of one of the abandoned buildings, Link can find a Howling Stone as well as a Cucco who asks Link, in wolf form, to play a game with the cats in exchange for a Piece of Heart. The various stray felines wandering the village will play the mini-game with Wolf Link where he has to talk to each individual cat at least once.

Link's Crossbow Training

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The Hidden Village appears in Stage 5 of Link's Crossbow Training as a Ranger Mode Bulblin hunt/shoot-out. Link freely moves through the village to kill the 25 Bulblins. Most of the Bulblins are found in clusters and shoot flaming arrows as soon as they see Link. Several explosive barrels can be found, which when hit, destroy everything within their vicinity. Slaying all 25 Bulblins will add a multiplier of the remaining time to the score.


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It is heavily implied that this village is an older Kakariko Village, the ancient village of the Sheikah,[9] mostly due to a sign saying "Welcome to Old Kakarico" in Hylian (with a spelling different from the correct English one). Impa from Ocarina of Time was born and raised in Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village, whereas the Hidden Village was implied to have been built by her.[10]




Shootout in Twilight Princess

Shootout in Link's Crossbow Training


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Spain Pueblo Olvidado Forgotten Village
French French-speaking countries Village oublié
German Germany Vergessenes Dorf