Hero's Cave

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Hero's Cave
Hero's Cave.png
Location(s) Lynna VillageTriforce piece.png
Western CoastTriforce piece.png
Game(s) Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Main Item Wooden SwordTriforce piece.png
L-3 Power RingTriforce piece.png
L-3 Armor RingTriforce piece.png

In Oracle of Seasons, Hero's Cave is a small pseudo-dungeon at the beginning of the game. Link finds the Wooden Sword inside,[1] which is needed to awaken the slumbering Maku Tree. Although the only monsters inside are comparatively weak Keese and Zol, they can still pose a slight challenge since Link is unarmed and only possesses three Heart Containers at this point of the game.

By defeating the final boss Veran in Oracle of Ages, a password at the game's end will be provided. When this password is used at the beginning of Oracle of Seasons, a revamped version of Hero's Cave can be found in Holodrum, in the same location as its lesser counterpart. Since it requires an item from the eighth dungeon in Oracle of Seasons, this cave cannot be completed until Link is almost ready to face the final boss, Onox. Once he completes the dungeon, Link will earn the legendary L-3 Power Ring.

After defeating Onox in Oracle of Seasons, a password will be provided. This password can be input in a new file of Oracle of Ages. Another version of Hero's Cave will appear in Labrynna, this time found in a detour of Maku Road. Like its Oracle of Seasons counterpart, Link cannot fully complete this dungeon unless he obtains the items from all eight dungeons of Oracle of Ages. At the furthest end of the cave, Link can obtain the mighty L-3 Armor Ring.


  • In Oracle of Ages, if Link enters the Hero's Cave and checks the map, it will say he is in Ancient Tomb, the eighth dungeon in the game.



  1. "Do you know of the Hero's Cave near the Western Coast? The Hero's Sword is said to be hidden there, but no one has ever found it." — Painter in Horon Village (Oracle of Seasons)

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