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Race Hylian
Human (OoS)
Gender Male
Game(s) Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Seasons
Era Era of the Hero of Time
Era of Light and Dark
Counterpart(s) Windmill Man

Guru-Guru, also known as the Windmill Man in Ocarina of Time, is a recurring character in the Zelda series. He is generally sentimental and kind with a very calm look on his face. However, when Link plays the "Song of Storms",[1] or when he is met with doubt in himself over things he has done wrong, he can express sadness, anger, or even insanity.



Ocarina of Time

The Windmill Man is a hyper and easily angered man from Ocarina of Time. He stands in the Windmill playing his Phonograph and trying to make the windmill rotate at the right speed.[2] A look of concentration can be seen on his face. When Link plays the "Song of Storms", he becomes very agitated,[3] and when the young hero plays it as an adult, he gets even more annoyed.[4] During the credits, the Windmill Man is seen being held upside down by a few Kokiri, however, he still appears angry from his meeting with Link in the Kakariko Windmill.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Guru-Guru is the Gorman Troupe's musician.[5] Guru-Guru is seen at night in the Laundry Pool area of Clock Town playing his phonograph since he has been kicked out of his room for practicing too loud.[6] He is usually an extremely happy person, and long ago was a member of an animal troupe; however, he was jealous of the dog being the leader of the troupe, who could always get any animal to follow his command.[7][8] As such, Guru-Guru stole the dog's mask, called the Bremen Mask.[9] He gives Link the mask as a reward for listening to his story and to get rid of his guilt.[10][11]

His theme song is the "Song of Storms". He also appears during the day in the Stock Pot Inn in the room at the end of the hall. During the nighttime this room is occupied by the Gorman Troupe, and in the daytime, it is occupied by Guru-Guru and Marilla Rose of the Rosa Sisters.

Oracle of Seasons

Guru-Guru without his Phonograph

He also appears in Oracle of Seasons where he stands by his windmill playing his theme song, although sounding a little different from the two games before. His only use is later in the trading sequence when Link gives him engine grease. In return, Guru-Guru hands over his phonograph, which is used to play for the Deku Scrub in the Tarm Ruins. This is not necessary if the player remembers how to get the Noble Sword.


  • Guru-Guru's relation to the Hurdy-Gurdy Man of The Minish Cap is unknown, but the Hurdy-Gurdy Man sports a grinding music box and the same facial hair.
  • His name is a Japanese onomatopoeia for "turning round and round, going around in circles," which also happens to be Guru-Guru's favorite expression in Ocarina of Time.[12]



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan グル・グル (Guru-Guru) Guru-Guru
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Guru-Guru
French French-speaking countries Guru-Guru
German Germany Guru-Guru